By myBFsucks - 05/10/2011 04:16 - Canada

Today, I went to the movies on a date. I went to pay for the tickets when I realized that I didn't have my wallet. Instead of my boyfriend paying, he laughed and paid for his own ticket. Then he went ahead and saw the movie without me. FML
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kickazz16 15

I would have been like you know what else is a funny? YOU BEING SINGLE! and leave like a badass! :)


Hole. Did you guys see what I did there he ended with ass and I said hole...right?

aruam365 24

dump him! it's not required a guy pay for every date but, when his gf forgets her damn wallet he better!

NoNotTheFace 8

He's not just an ass. Add a few adjectives. He's a stingy, motherfucking ass. Hole. What EvilPotato said.

@26 - Depends on how often she "forgets" her wallet, if you know what I mean.

I think guys need to be more chivalrous in today's relationships. I mean shit, when my girl and I go out I pay.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

Correct #1 it's Wow what a dick

that he stillcwent in makes him a dick but I think that OP should pay for her own ticket women killed chivilry by them selves because they wanted to be equal yet they bitch and moan to be waited on hand and foot

If you were going somewhere with anyone you knew, even if they are not your BF/GF then you would pay and they would pay you back. If it was the BF who forgot his money then the OP would pay, I hope. It's not a question of equality, it's a question of basic courtesy. BF should have paid. OP should have offered to pay him back. Simple, inoffensive and expedient. And they both get to watch the film.

What a guy, I love when a girl gets with a douche bag. Because you know that she had an option to go for the good that would treat her right but she chose the selfish asshole. 10/10 for stupidity(:

93 - I think we all wish it was that easy. But a lot of girls, not all, like something that they think they can change. With good guys, what's there to change? There's no challenge in it. That's why you'll see them a lot of times with douche bags. It's pretty stupid though. You're right.

I agree that guys should pay... Most of the time. However, women fought to have equal rights and pay, so by reasoning women should pay half the time no?

99 - Then again, many people who think of themselves as "good guys" are also douche bags. So now girls get to choose between conscious douchebags and oblivious, self-righteous douchebags...lose-lose?

meatbunss 1
punkin_26 16

Women fought for the right to vote, the right for equal pay for equal work. Women fought for their civil rights. Chivalry is almost nonexistant these days. If the guy doesn't want to pay for the girl then dont ask her out. If she asks then yea, she should atleast bring enough money to pay. But all you guys who are throwing out the equal rights comment-chances are you're all cheap asses anyway and probably dont have girlfriends.

this is why my partner keeps a copy of my bank card in his wallet. no excuses

Buttsexpirate 9

Hey! I take offence. Don't lump me in with that dick.

MissBoo101 0

Yah he's a ******* asshole, he should have paid for her ticket not because of "chivalry" but out of common curtesy, if I where out and my bf forgot his money I would pay as long as he paid me back.

99 -- funny thing. There are women out there who will actually land a good guy...and then attempt to change everything about that person that makes them unique or good, consequently turning him into an asshole. Strange world we live in... |the kid|

Georgieeporgiee 9

My life must suck if I sit here, read the fmls and all the comments...

Alexisthebestest 16

I was always raised traditional & was taught that guys pay on the dates. However, I always think it's polite for me to offer to pay for my half. No big deal. Sometimes I like the whole chivalry thing though. It's nice when a guy opens the door for you. It's not a big deal, but it's just NICE.

scenebarbie123 0

My main problem is that he just left the OP to watch it. Whether he wanted to pay or not is one thing, but he shouldn't have left his girl like that.

welandedonthemoo 5
rallets 22

Well girls use that on guys all the time, " oh ill pay for my own ticket". Three days later at movies" opps forgot my wallet. Guy " well i dont hve enough for you and me so bye".

punkin_26 16

Bitter-yes. Feminist-no. Oh BTW #217 are you one of those cheap asses.

141, you would make him pay you back? you're just as much of a cheapskate as OP's boyfriend! Also, anybody that says guys should pay all the time is an idiot. it depends on how long they have been dating. it should be 50/50, and that has nothing to do with chivalry or common courtesy.

Girl psychology: if he treats me like shit, i should stay with him. At least thats what i saw in my experience...

I really hope he wasn't her ride home :P

I'm of the "pay for yourself clan". If someone offers to pay for me and doesn't want to be paid back, sure. If I don't have money and they offer if I pay them back, sure. I'd do the same for them. Someone's sex shouldn't affect it at all. I'd pay for a guy just as likely as I'd pay for a girl.

I think i know the feeling. And this is an old fml now too -_-

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He has his priorities straight.

kickazz16 15

And you're probably a dumbass. Are my priorities straight?

goobergirlie 5

14- I'm sorry. Where did he mention anything that was sexist? You are a dumbass for bringing up shit that has nothing to do with the argument.

2 he's got his priorities straight if he was trying to be an asshole.

hebron77 0

Has anyone stopped to think that 2 was just being sarcastic. That's what it sounds like to me.

19 I believe 14 was calling themself a sexist. Though, I can't really tell.

What did your GF do to him/her? I mean I'd understand if you meant he/she should kick his/her boyfriend's ass, but it was not stated in that way. :)

13FTW 9

Yeah 43 I thought the same but, you know, as soon as something is "sexist" all the bastards come out and crucify the original commenter. Maybe the doc can fix the bastard problem? I hear he has something to do with bastards, probably just a rumor though.

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19 - Yeah, I was calling myself a sexist. You folks really need to calm down, for a site that supposed to be funny, you guys really don't know how to take a joke.

goobergirlie 5
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228 - It was still very obviously a joke, I also never said anything about it having to be funny, all I said was that you couldn't handle it. Quit being assmad just because I'm a tool. You don't look like a hero.

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And before you make godawful assumptions about what I'm saying (again), let me explain. I'm a tool because I AM a sexist. I'm not afraid to admit that. But this was a joke because regardless of the gender, that was a dick move.

I don't even think all of FML has to tell you to dump his dumb ass

sexylol_fml 4

what a dumb bastard! Dump that asshole!

So women want equal pay but still expect guys to pay but they aren't cheap?

This is nothing to do with her being a woman, or with him being a man. It's to do with the general courtesy that you should show to everybody regardless of their gender - and, indeed, with whether they're your date or just a friend. OP didn't even say she expected him to pay for them both to see the movie, just that she didn't want him to leave her on her own when they were supposed to be out together. Bottom line is that if you've gone out somewhere with ANYBODY, you don't just randomly go "oh bye" and **** off halfway through.

cupcakesnpot 9 know Karma is a HUGE bitch! Lol

goobergirlie 5

What goes around, comes around - karma. He'll get this back someday.


Oh yeah because we know for a fact OP is perfect in every aspect if life. Dumb shit

kickazz16 15

I would have been like you know what else is a funny? YOU BEING SINGLE! and leave like a badass! :)

saIty 17

Well how did he laugh? Did he laugh menacingly or shyly? If he laughed maniacally he probably didn't want to see that chick flick with you.

goobergirlie 5

Your argument is totally invalid. Menacingly/ maniacally? Pick one, and they are not synonyms.

he already did buy a ticket I'm not sure you can refund those bit he should've payed for his girl and she could pay him back (and she would bitch at him for asking for his money back)

Why down vote this? It's a fair question. You don't know the other side to the story.

She's probably that kind of person who conveniently forgets her wallet when she doesn't want to pay. My guess is the boyfriend's laugh was more of a "oh no, not this time" rather than an evil one.

"Today, my girlfriend 'forgot' her wallet on a date for the 4500th time. FML"

You chose him, darling. But you might want to reconsider your choice, after all, it was a pretty jerkish move.

I don't get how people can make judgements on a relationship based on one complaint. what if he is always good to her and this is just a one off? there's no point throwing away something you worked hard on, over something so small/random, unless you didn't want to be there in the first place, by which they would have left a long time ago.

124 - I LOVE YOUR HAIR! There I just had to say it. :D