By Anonymous - United States
Today, I went to the movies. After it was over I got up and noticed a designer purse sitting on the ground in the back row. I opened it to look for anything that could give me a address so I could return it. The owner came back, assumed I was robbing her, and punched me in the nose. FML
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  ravinderkaler  |  0

haha, so true, judgmental people are usually wrong.
also, never try to be nice, i think the theater staff would've found it eventually anyway if it had actually been lost.

  Canuck  |  0

if I forgot my bag and went back and saw some stranger going into it.. I'd wanna smack him


next time when you find something that isn't yours go to the front desk and hand it to them.. you don't need to look in it to do that.. not unless you wanted to take the money in it as a reward for finding their bag.. it isn't your job to hand deliver it to them..

  humorizer  |  14

Not a good idea to just give the bag to the employees. Who's to say they won't just rob it and throw away the purse after they close down?

What I do when I find stuff is get a few random witnesses, preferably before I touch the purse, and after asking them "Do you know to whom this belongs?" and getting a no, I tell them I'm going to look for ID and try to call the owner.

That way, if the dumbass owner appears, he/she will have no reason to attack me, and if they do, I have enough witnesses to prove that retaliating was warranted.

By  purple5  |  0

Wow, what an ungrateful idiot. I hope you explained to her you thought it'd been left by someone and were doing what you thought was right.

She should know better than to leave her purse unattended in a public place anyway, unless she forgot it then ok. But you still didn't deserve that, I hope she apologised!

  tornado87  |  0

Waiting to see if someone comes back in case they get punched is probably not high on the priority list of someone trying to do a good turn to be fair to the OP.