By Nikki - Canada
Today, this guy and I went on a date to the movies. We got up to the desk and I asked for one ticket for 'Jennifer's Body.' The guy moved his way in front of me and said, "make that two tickets." He then walked away to look at movie posters and left me with the $22.50 charge. FML
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  IamSpartacus  |  0

I wonder if I would get my FML posted if I said: "Today, this girl and I went on a date to the movies. We got up to the desk and I asked for one ticket for 'Jennifer's Body.' The girl moved her way in front of me and said, "make that two tickets." She then walked away to look at movie posters and left me with the $22.50 charge. FML"

OMG, you paid for TWO tickes!? Your life is over!!! Not! Maybe she didn't realize that guys do this EVERY time they go on a date...Although, the guy didn't have to be rude about it!

  meepmeep_fml  |  0

fuck you, pig. clearly you haven't been on a date in a while. this post has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with how incredibly scuzzy and rude that guy is.

  CFR  |  0

Well, no one's a pig except BJ just above you =P But even that comment has some truth to it...depending on a girl...I don't know if I'd be *quite* that happy if my date paid for a movie ticket but whatever....
I would be pissed if someone did that to me...Not because "guys are supposed to pay" but because the guy was so fucking rude about it...If we had agreed before that I could pay because I had more money or whatever, I'd be willing to pay and I'd get him to pay for me next time.

  diet_otaku  |  0

i'm sorry, it's incredibly bad manners for a guy to make his date pay for both of them. either the guy pays, or they go dutch (which OP was trying to do). if the girl OFFERS to pay, then fine, but a guy should never FORCE a girl to pay for him. if i were her, there wouldn't be a second date with that asshole.

  lichen_fml  |  0

If you do this EVERY time you go on a date, you're dating the wrong girls. I've been dating the same guy for 3 years, and we still split all our checks, except when we're treating each other on special occasions. Plenty of my female friends don't expect the guy to bear the entire financial burden. Your blanket criticism is a bit of a stretch in this feminist day and age.

  americayay  |  0

It's not crappy for her to pay for a ticket. It's crappy for him to walk up and say "Guess, what. You're buying mine too." If I were on a date with a guy and he ordered one ticket, I'd order mine, not push him aside and say make that 2 and walk off. No matter what the gender is, that's really rude and thoughtless.

OP, I work at a movie theater and while I would not suggest buying any ticket to that particular movie, I would've asked if you wanted to pay for both tickets and given you the chance to say you only wanted the one.

You guys can cry double standard all you want, but this one's rude period.

  Veritas143  |  0

Maybe the guy was sick of paying for her or girls in general and the girl didn't even offer to pay.. which is an issue in itself.. dont get me wrong the guy was rude..atleast the girl went up first to pay for her own ticket..i went to eat with my ex and her friends(while we were dating of course) and her and the two friends just stared at me when the check came...bitches..


oh my god, they have babies! what a shock! that comes totally unexpected and it's not like women have a choice to be knocked up. Oh wait they have. That kinda destroys your argument.


If it were me I wouldn't of been able to watch a movie with him. He sounds like a free loader.
Also people needa calm down. It's not like the girl was like "omg!! He made me pay for my OWN ticket! Plus his!" no. She was already gonna pay for her own ticket no problem. He just sleezed his way in on it. Making him, a douche.

  michelleJ11  |  25

1. It wasn't OP's boyfriend, just a guy she was on a date with.
2. No, he shouldn't have. They should've paid for themselves. I hate how some people expect men to pay for everything, this coming from a woman.

  White667  |  0

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It's certainly what I'd have done. If he were my boyfriend, sure, I'd pay for both tickets.
But if it's some guy I'm going on one date with and he was trying to force me to pay in so rude a way, I'd say a big "fuck you".


Maybe the guy didn't have money and was embarrassed about it and that's why he walked away. It is inconsiderate, but it's no worse than all the girls who expect guys to pay on the first date

By  misspeg  |  0

err I'm sure she hasn't had time 2 really like the guy and I'm sure after this she definitely doesn't. and it's not really the financial issue thing it's more a he's a total cheap jerk thing. she should have just walked off.