By kas - 30/04/2009 17:41 - United States

Today, I was on my way home when I saw a cop hiding behind a Budget truck. I immediately slowed down and prayed that he wouldn't give me a ticket. Then I realized I was walking. FML
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whenever I see a cop, no matter what I'm doing, I start to feel like I'm doing something illegal

XD wow....just can you forget you're WALKING?


#1 woo! that sucks! r u serious??? a little brain dead today?

lmfao. not an fml, but funny

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johnnnnnny Cade!(:iluvvv the outsiders

this is more like an mlia

"I just wanted to see my username in FML" @OP No really, you're an idiot.

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This exact FML is on MLIA too.

Ironic how he was hiding behind a budget truck and how tickets destroy one's budget.

makes me think of how many times I've done that. DERP.

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Meth can do some crazy shit

thats just stupid... not a 'fml'

XD wow....just can you forget you're WALKING?

that's what I thought I mean come ON!

Lol, it's probably one of those moments, when you're looking for your phone using the torch from your phone :P

Exactly xD. Everyone does something unimaginably dumb every now and then. For example, I have tried calling my lighter when I lost it. lolol.

LOL xD I've put ice cream away in the cupboard before :3

Hahaha. At least you won't have a heart attack from walking too fast. lol

whenever I see a cop, no matter what I'm doing, I start to feel like I'm doing something illegal

heh me too, they always give me odd looks

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I know!! I'm like ok so now just because I'm Mexican and in Texas i'm an illegal immigrant? lol jkk

at least ur not in arizona. just saying ;)

Me too!! Which is stupid because I know I'm not doing something illegal, but the crime rate is so low where I live, the cops get so bored they seem to have competitions to see who can give a ticket for the most insignificant thing when they are not chasing some speeders. Maybe if my town had a doughnut

I know exactly how you feel.

#353 you must be from Irvine.

Everything is illegal when a cop is nearby.

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haha me to!

so.. made... up

manoverboard 0 just dumn. GET OUT MORE. |: Although a cop probably would give you a ticket for walking too fast...

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how fast can you really be going when you're walking that you would feel like you're speeding