By omgstuupidd - 17/02/2013 14:27 - United States - Brewster

Today, my girlfriend and I decided to take a jog in an area we never been before. We then got lost. She actually thought that the tattoo on her arm of an open compass with north, east, south, and west would help us. FML
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Does she have a bottle of water tattooed as well for emergency use?

I think your girlfriend needs mental exercise more then physical exercise...


I think your girlfriend needs mental exercise more then physical exercise...

than* I'm really sorry but that mistake needs to be killed in a firestorm before it becomes the norm.

Everybody has a retarded moment sometimes, so don't sweat small details.

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Or OP just doesn't get irony. We should be on the lookout for a "Today my boyfriend thought I was serious when suggested we used my tattoo as a compass. Not wanting to make him look stupid I had to play along. FML"

Actually if she didnt know the difference it would help her, all she has to do is face E to where the sun is rising or W to where it is setting

Does she have a bottle of water tattooed as well for emergency use?

wlddog 14

Its a good think she tattooed a tent across her butt so she always has shelter for her ass.

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Now imagine if she went to the tattoo parlor asking for some extra genitals.

This would all be a pretty cool dry of survival themed tatoos, minus the genitals.

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

If you're going to jog somewhere unfamiliar at least know your way back.

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Who needs to that when they have a compass tattoo with them on the journey??

... at least grab a cellphone with gps. Is that what you were trying to say?

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Believe it or not you don't actually need a cell phone OR GPS to be able to navigate. There are other ways...

63, 0. There are offline gps maps. 1. GPS will point on the map where the heck you're. You don't need "turn-by-turn" navigation. 2. Decent phones include compass as well. Of course, you could try to remember your road, find north using solar position or moss, but why the hell should you bother when you have a device that can tell you your position on the map?

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

#64 I think what #63 was trying to say is you don't need GPS to know where you've been or where you've gone. USE YOUR HEAD. You've walked to blocks north from your apartment, are you lost? No. A logical person would simple turn around and walk 2 blocks BACK the way they came. If you're in, let's say, a forest, it'd be different, but there is so much put out there, roads, street signs, street lights, etc., to help, or at least give a clue of where you are. You shouldn't rely on a phone.

64, I don't think you can use "you're" that way.

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She's not stupid just because he's dating her.

Also, if a girl was pretty AND had a great personality, I'd still consider her more than an intelligent girl that's a total bitch.

Hah, F her life. I'm sorry common sense isn't more common.

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Maybe if you keep going north you'll find Narnia eventually.

*Brain explodes due to abuse of the term Natural Selection*

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Well it's **** this shit o'clock, have fun with finding your way back

how do you know? did your tattoo of a watch tell you that?

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Na she is the cookie who got burnt and kind of got stuck to the pan. The one you have to scrape off.

The paradox being that when you ask her which direction to go in, she'll check, and then when she points to say "Thatta way!," "North" will change and she will have to change course and repeat ad nauseam. She's probably capable of actually falling for that.