By runandmope - United States
Today, while on my run, I saw a middle-aged man sleeping near a business condo. I approached him and asked if he was "ok." He grabbed my leg, held onto it with a death-grip, and moped about how horrible his life was - for ten minutes. At least the weather was nice. FML
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  jearojas  |  4

That sucks, but it was very nice of you though.

  BananaSticker  |  0

So, wait..
You were out running, probably going back to your house afterwords [ya know those building with electricity, food, beds, toilets, a roof] and YOUR life is fucked all because you decided to ask a homeless man, who has none of that, if he was okay, and you had to listen to the poor man talk about his life for a few minutes?
I'd say your life is fucked, but only because your selfish and obviously careless.

....That is, unless he was a druggie. :o


Runandmope is a conceited fuck.
Someone complaining to you does not make your life fucked in any way.
and really, if he can complain for 10 straight minutes, I'd say HIS life is fucked, not yours.

and that is all that should ever need be said about this post. the end.

  apefaceddog  |  0

Wait, so just because somebody is worse off than you, your life can't be fucked? There's probably someone suffering from starvation out there, or someone hopelessly stuck in academia. But then, regular people can't have FMLs because they're not the worse off, yeah!

Such reasoning is pathetic. It almost sounds like you think the OP has some sort of moral obligation to the homeless man.


Oh FFS, let's not start the whole "giving to the homeless vs. feeding addictions" thing again. ò.ó

I took the "near a condo" part to indicate that the stranger didn't look homeless, moreso like he didn't make it to the front door after a night of partying or something. Hence the concern on OP's part.


Shit, I somehow missed the word "business" before "condo" on the first read-through. >.< Still, for some reason I picture a guy crashed out in a business suit, having an existential crisis about his going-nowhere life. Maybe that's just less depressing to me than a homeless guy. Or maybe I watch too many movies.