By anonymous - 20/12/2010 11:23

Today, while I was walking home from work, it started to rain. Clutching my bag in one hand, I started to run so I wouldn't get too wet. I saw a man running towards me and all of a sudden he tackled me to the ground. He thought I had stolen someone's handbag. FML
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That's exactly how I met my wife. Tackling chicks still works like it did during caveman times. Guaranteed.

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some of us don't like to come home dripping wet, excuse her for having common sense.


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some of us don't like to come home dripping wet, excuse her for having common sense.

sounds like the start of a mills and boon......or not! How would i know, i never read them, hehe ;P

Kick him in the sack, and cut the purse-uit short by any means necessary. Or just show him that it is your bag, as I'm sure you have some form of picture ID in there. (: He'll be showered with guilt when he realizes his mistake, and may redeem himself with a storm of apologies. (:

How is it "common sense" not to come home dripping wet? I don't think that's the proper use of the phrase.

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who the **** tackles someone for a purse when I can steal a car in daylight an no one give a **** or mug someone and nobody shows people still have hearts even if they have bad timing

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Not to be a nerd, but you actually get more wet when you run instead of walk. I think it was on manswers or something.

That saying only has foundation when the rain is not progressively getting worse.

It was a test the ran on mythbusters I believe, and no 69, you get more wet from walking, not running.

They tested it on Mythbusters, yes, but they concluded you get more wet from running because your body slopes to an angle instead of being completely upright like when walking, thereby exposing more surface area directly to the rain.

Surely you'd get wet more wet when you're walking though as you're spending more time in the rain? To be fair, how often does rain fall straight down? It's usually affected by wind so it comes down at an angle and will most likely get you wetter. Unless you are moving in parallel to the angle that the rain is coming down at :P.

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next time, don't bring your bag on a walk home. & for future reference, don't wear shoes either; someone might think you stole them.

or any clothes for that matter, you never know what people are gonna think

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oh wow what a jerk I would have told him off

No Ke$ha... you would have passed out then you'd wake up in the mornin' feeling like P Diddy. get it right...

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Can't argue with the truth :)

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I thought she would just ***** herself out to him?

That's exactly how I met my wife. Tackling chicks still works like it did during caveman times. Guaranteed.

They usually like when you grab them by the hair and club them like a baby seal also. Seriously OP, that sucks though. Should've expected it though, happens all the time.

Might as well have just hit them over the head with a club and dragged them to your cave.

Doc is right. In fact, I am so turned on right now by these comments. We love getting clubbed in the head.

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I've got a clubbed foot, does that count?

you have to be one of my favorit fml posters on here haha

my favorite commeter go docbastard no1 can stop you !!!

are you a guy? coz i have a mental image of a sissy boy prancing through the rain, holding on to his fake LV, and then getting crash tackled by a big macho me a giggle :)

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The correct spelling would be "you're". it even says it on your shirt come on now...

LMAO! Good catch. I must of missed that. I have no idea how people still make these grammer mistakes like this! There so easy. Just read you're elementary school books, people! It really isn't to hard. Holy ******* shit, that hurt me to do. I hate myself so much right now. I'm going to jump into a pile of broken glass and douse myself with lemon juice.

Wear did you go too school, Dock? I've never scene anything sow amazon!

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#18 # 23 #27 leave the girl alone, she expressing how she feels.

So are we. Why should she get to express her opinions about OP's stupidity while we aren't allowed to express ours about hers? **** off.

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#32 whoa just calm it...dont make FML come here

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The irony of that comment was so powerful it created cold fusion.

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#37 Just chill the **** out man. Your cold fusion heart is turning real dry man

They're* Lol, I had to nitpick that one. Excuse me while I go read my dictionary and thesaurus.

Argh. The comments on several of my retorts have mysteriously disappeared like Amelia Earhart. Please disregard my venom above, as it was intended for some foolish little girl who apparently doesn't exist except in my confused mind.

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I did, Gore. Turns out she was imaginary too.

Lol, you didn't read the entire comment, did you?

haha and "your" a dumbass. dont be so critical.