By WetWalking - 21/03/2013 13:31 - United States - Tyler

Today, I was walking by the side of the interstate because my car broke down. A nice young man stopped and asked if I was tired of walking. I said yes, to which he replied, "Try jogging asshole" then laughed and drove off. It was raining balls. FML
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CallMeMcFeelii 13

If it was raining balls, you were officially tea bagged more than that poor girl on the bus trip.. My condolences.

Ever wonder why everyone thinks people suck? Because people suck.


CallMeMcFeelii 13

If it was raining balls, you were officially tea bagged more than that poor girl on the bus trip.. My condolences.

Success4444 12

I hate loving people who love hating people

I love myself because I have a high self-esteem and confidence is key.

countryrose92 23

I love all of you people for keeping that thread going. Yea, I know. I kinda ruined it. Now I hate myself

I love myself for hating people who hate themselves for ruining the threads of all loving people who love hating people and who hate loving people and also who hate themselves for loving the hating people...whoosh

mif_fml 27
Success4444 12

29, your comment is sad, and your picture is sad. Combined, you almost made me shed a tear!

tjv3 10

Well remember that karma is a bad bitch and that a hole will get his

I hate threads that get out of hand because of people who love to hate people for loving people that hate themselves because of low self esteem.

The more out of hand this thread gets, the better it is.

The gods were displeased that you wouldn't lick chocolate off of his knob.. You brought this plague of balls upon yourself..

Success4444 12

"Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!" I guess you forgot the jingle this time. Don't forget it in case it happens again!

Maybe that's who showed up when he sang "I have blah-blah insurance, so person come help".

then he deserves it for trading the good neighbor with the 15% off on car insurance.

Gotta love our Southern hospitality here in Texas. I'm sorry OP, quite a few of us Texans aren't very nice. Warm up as soon as you can though, don't want to get sick.

Maybe he's just looking out for you, pushing you to reach your point faster. Just forget he called you an ass though. >.>

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

I doubt the he's looking out for OP, the driver is most likely just an asshole.

countryrose92 23

#69, its called Sarcasm buddy. You should learn about it. :)

thosedogtags 8

...And this is why I have no faith left for the human race. I'm sorry that you had to deal with such a douchebag.

The General person has no purpose in life, so they find happiness in other people pain, in history we have seen people like this hitler comes to mind!

Wow, you must be Super Assumer - the superhero that's able to leap to giant stupid conclusions in a single bound. Did you really just compare a simple asshole to Hitler?

I dunno doc, anyone who would abandon someone to a torrent of balls is definitely an upper level asshole

I'd say Hitler was more comparable to a complex asshole.

countryrose92 23

18, you made me laugh. I might steal that quote sometime, hope u don't mind. :)

I'm sorry OP. Some people are just plain asses. They get enjoyment out of it- I do not know why.