By Anonymous - United States

Weirdo alert

Today, while running, a man ran up next to me and started jogging with me. He asked if he could run with me and I said yes. Later, when I told him I was going home, he followed me home. When I asked him to leave, he sat down on my lawn in protest. He has been there for over 4 hours. FML
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  goose12321  |  11

I dunno about the sprinklers, he'd probably actually welcome them. Having just been for a run, he'd most likely be all hot and sweaty. Probably better off sticking to the other two options.

  datgamerchick  |  14

I don't know, guys. If OP's attracted to this guy, it's rom-com gold! Watch the whole ordeal blossom into a Notebook-esque romance.
"One date. I'll be here all night if I have to."

  VeganVampyre  |  26

97- sounds good in theory, but I'm guessing if she was attracted to him she'd have invited him in rather than complaining to us that he wouldn't get off her lawn... Just sayin'


Why would you let someone follow you to your house? I can see letting him jog with you but after the run, you should've said your goodbyes and not let him follow you to your home. It's kinda your fault but at the same time it is creepy!

  VeganVampyre  |  26

44- it doesn't sound to me like she did let him... She tried to say goodbye, he followed anyway and then refused to leave. Was she supposed to keep jogging in circles for god knows how many hours until he gave up? Because it sounds like that could have wasted her entire day, which is ridiculous. 1, you can't run that long, 2, she probably had other things to do and had to go home. I doubt there was anything different she could have done.

By  Ambient25  |  24

What's he saying down your lawn? Oh I kid OP, this is where you turn on the sprinklers to counter his protest. Don't forget to mention you have fire ants in your lawn.

By  Cazz91  |  21

Time to pull out the shotgun and inform him that survivors of trespassing get shot at again. Or just call the police and have him escorted, that works too.