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Today, I was out jogging, when I saw a girl fall off her bike and start crying. I ran over to see if she was hurt. Apparently her neighbour thought I was trying to kidnap her, because he ran out with a baseball bat and threatened to beat me to death if I didn't get lost. FML
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BlinkandRHCP 7

Awkward situation, but at least both of you only wanted to help the girl! Kudos to both!

I love it when the OP's name is something snarky like that.


BlinkandRHCP 7

Awkward situation, but at least both of you only wanted to help the girl! Kudos to both!

Yea. At least the neighbor cared enough to try and help the girl. Good thing you didn't get hit though.

fishstick557 14

I think you both did some good deeds. I mean yes the neighbor did freak out but he was only concerned for the little girl. Same with you OP people like you make me have faith in humanity.

It is possible to come out, ask what's happening and make sure nothing suspicious is going on without brandishing a weapon though!

I love it when the OP's name is something snarky like that.

Mmkay1515 21

That girl had got some serious protection going on! Good for her.

Yay, more people jumping the gun and automatically assuming the worst of people, i die a little inside when I read an fml like this.

laughtersplay 14

In this situation Op was just being a nice guy. But as for the neighbor, still better safe than sorry because he didnt know Op's intentions. You never know with the shit you see on the news.

RedPillSucks 31

Just think what would have happened had the neighbor been carrying a gun.

It might have been an over-reaction on the neighbor's part, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Just a few days ago, a man was arrested in Australia for posing as a lollipop man and attempting to abduct a child as they crossed the road to school. Sadly, stuff like this does happen. :(

#36 I think there's a difference between; helping a little girl who fell off her bike and then someone thinking you where trying to abduct them, than dressing as a lollipop man and grabbing kids as they walk across the street

For my job I have to conceal carry wherever I go, even when working out. That would have made a very awkward and not fun situation.

AurumPotestasEst 16

He would have been arrested... guns are illegal in England.

That's what you get for being nice.

It's a sad fact that, thanks to rape culture, any male that acts friendly or shows concern for any woman or child is immediately labeled a rapist or pedophile. Maybe the lack of elaboration is why 5 was thumbed down, but I thought the comment wasn't that bad.

SelenaMilkshake 17

Some people just love to jump to conclusions.


Our society has degraded so much... Oh well, OP. At least you didn't get hit with the bat. As much as it sucks, I would rather an innocent person be accused of trying to abduct a child than a child actually be abducted because someone else saw a predator with a kid and decided to ignore it.

Your mentality is the reason why nobody wants to be near kids. Personally, I wouldn't help a child in trouble. I just don't want the hassle of all the pedo-stranger-danger idiots.

Ah America where if you try to help a little girl out your a pedo, but if you don't help her out you're an ass Ah America


What's better, is that they made a crappy comment, and then edited it to an even CRAPPIER comment. The original comment was "ah."

@ #17 It sure was, I'm sorry FML I'm super tired, but that shouldn't excuse my stupidity at any rate I sincerely apologize

If we accept your apology, you'll have learned nothing, and will most likely reoffend. So I vote nay on acceptance of apology.

I second this motion, which I'll refer to in the interim as the "Tacojauns is a Douchebag Proclamation."

flockz 19

tacojuans the tribe has spoken....

What sort of logic is that? If you accept the apology that is great because it sounds like he "learned his lesson" - if it could be called doing something wrong in the first place. But saying you won't accept the apology because people won't learn is ridiculous! To apologise in the first place people have to have "learned".

and we wonder why America is hated and ridiculed.

This FML is from the uk not America. I love how Americans just ignore the fact that countries exist outside of America. You probably won't believe this but "English" comes from "England" so yes, there are countries out there who speak English other than your own.

No good deed goes unpunished At least you care about people

Never touch the injured. They may end up suing you. Or viciously attack you with a baseball bat...

It's truly sad that it has come to this...many people do take that to heart though, hence how that incident in China happened. Little girl wandered into the road, hit by multiple cars, no-one - drivers or pedestrians - stopped to help her for fear of being horrible. I hope people like OP don't die out.

BradTheBrony 19

16: PRIVATE. MESSAGES. Jesus ******* Christ, you people...