By kana__ - 21/01/2015 16:26 - Japan

Today, my sister got her retouched wedding photos. Apparently one of the things she had the professional do was edit me out of them. FML
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Just tell yourself it's because she didn't want anyone drawing more attention than her in her own wedding photos.

You obviously looked better!


Just tell yourself it's because she didn't want anyone drawing more attention than her in her own wedding photos.

Sisterly love to the max... NOT!!

What a touching thought from your sister to edit you out :P

What a editing thought from your sister to touch you out :P

Ouch. Sorry OP.

Well, that was certainly a very rude thing for her to do.

you should get a hold of the original photos and photoshop the living hell out of them.

And I really hope you mean by editing her face onto the bride's body.

I would edit my face on to everyone's body.

I'd be like pewdiepie but only make myself pretty...

This really sucks if the bride is the one who wrote this.

Toughsky 23

The FML says "my sister" Why would the bride write the FML if nothing bad or embarrassing happened to her?

UhHuhHoney 20

Hey #7, your comment totally contradicts your username. Lol

7 is making a joke, y'all. As in, how much would this particularly suck if the sister had the bride edited from pictures of her own wedding? Ha. Of course that's not the case, because why would the sister have hired the photographer instead of the bride? But that's the gist of what you missed.

She definitely isn't maid of honor.

Clever! Guess we can all see what the bride is really "maid" of.

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Keep in mind, OP, that there is nothing wrong with YOU. Your sister made a selfish decision and excluded you from a set of photos that are meant to include all family, because SHE is a bad person. Don't let it get you down. I'm sure she just didn't want you to steal her spotlight.

It's her wedding

countryb_cth 38

It may be her wedding but you don't edit out your own sister from the photos.

Okay so I always try to see things in a different light. Maybe, just MAYBE, OPs sister was taking her single bridal photos and just OP was in the background? Idk, I've known people to get upset over stuff like that. We need a follow up.

homesuckfucker 28

OP was edited out of the photos, not just avoided by the cameraman. And it doesn't matter who's wedding it was. Weddings are family gatherings and the sentimental value of a photo is worth more than the aesthetic qualities.

@44 even if that was the case it wouldn't have been an fml.

You obviously looked better!