By Anonymous - Australia - Bentleigh East
Today, I was giving my friend a crash course in Star Wars over coffee. As I was telling him about the primitive and savage Sand People, some attention-seeking tit came out of nowhere and called me racist. Apparently she thought I was talking about people from the Middle East. FML
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  Draugen  |  16

These knee-jerk sensationalists actively looking for things that could in some way maybe in some angle be considered racist or otherwise offensive, are very much far away and in a galaxy of their own. She might find that offensive to her people.

  interesting33  |  36

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By  syki  |  22

I'm pretty sure it would have been easy to explain as long as you didn't call her an "attention-seeking tit" to her face. If you did, she probably thought you were a lying racist who was also a lukewarm misogynist.

  doodlecloud  |  26

The problem isn't WHO you insult, it's using 'tit' as an insult full stop. It could be seen as misogynistic/sexist/whatever because it's referring to a female body part as a negative thing. Just fyi.

  tarlax  |  11

Anything can be seen as any kind of insult if you're sufficiently mentally unbalanced.

Oh no, is that offensive to mentally unbalanced people? D,:

  syki  |  22

@21 Maybe this is a cultural difference. In the US (at least the part I'm from), 'tit' isn't generally used as an insult, but when it is, it's relatively gendered. Not nearly as much as 'cunt' or even 'bitch,' though. Hence my classifying it as lukewarm misogyny. :)

  DoomSkuller  |  28

Not technically true.
They initially were only known as Sand People; they earned the name Tusken Raider by attacking the civil settlement of Fort Tusken as it was growing and destroying the fort's farm equipment, and people started calling them that as a more formal name