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Today, I was looking at my wedding photos. The photographer moved onto the "candid" shots and thought it would be cute to have pics of us making out at the reception. I have blonde hair. The girl in the picture did not. FML
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Oh no! Are you positive that it's the groom in that picture? Maybe the photographer knew what he was taking a picture of and that was his way of telling you that your husband is a cheating douche. No offense.


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Not FYL, fake. No way that nobody at the reception noticed the groom publically making out with someone else, and if the chick wasn't blonde as well, it would have been MEGA obvious. It's a wedding, people are paying attention to the bride and groom, there's no way he could have been secretly making out with some chick. And the photographer probably would have noticed your hair color while shooting the actual wedding, they wouldn't have mistaken you for a brunette. It's more likely that it wasn't your husband in the picture and just another two people entirely. If it's real, YDI for marrying the stupidest man alive, having the most oblivious friends and family of all time, and being too dumb to notice your new husband making out with some other chick.

Two words: POOR LIGHTING! A blonde looks blonde in high lighting, but can look darker when it's darker. End of story.

Gonna have to agree with #53 on this one. The photographer would have known that it wasn't you, even IF it was somehow the groom making out with some other girl.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamen, mai brutha. (Phonetically worded, for all the smart people.)

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Agree with 53 also... a bride is wearing a WEDDING DRESS, so it's fairly obvious which one she is.

Lets juz all hope it was only a religous marrage and not a actual court legal merrage 4 ur sake if its true that way it wont b expensive divorce/no devorce juz leave take the presents move to another state an start another life!!! Las vegas baby!!! B a show girl lol jk

^ You are the new standard for stupidity on this site.

Oh no! Are you positive that it's the groom in that picture? Maybe the photographer knew what he was taking a picture of and that was his way of telling you that your husband is a cheating douche. No offense.

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i doubt youll get this but what ******* photographer photo shops wedding pictures with out a request

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OMG, what a crap way to find out your new husband is untrustworthy...on the day he swears himself to you, hes mackin on some other chick! seriously, that sucks...much sympathy...

agreed. and wats more, since it's a wedding, wouldn't everyone u know be there? so... that's pretty sad. fyl for trusting urself to an arsehole.

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At first I thought it was a man, and he was caught cheating. But apparently I was mistaken.. Anyways, I'm sorry deary. D: FYL

Yeah, I'm guessing the OP is female, but I read it the other way just for fun.

#32, I like the way you think. It makes the FML so much better. #26. Too cool. #17. Never heard it called that. Now I want front row seats, or have a demonstration. #48. wtf are you on?

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A picture says a thousand words. That one probably includes "divorce" and "settlement" and "alimony".

For marriages that are a few days old, the word is "annulment" and that usually means "no money."

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34's got a point, hun...youre screwed whether you stay with him or not....sorry :(

you address him by plexico, god of FML. not by #. but yeah, plexi's right, unless you wait til the marriage is kicked off, but then you're just a money hungry *****. Unless prenuptual (no idea how to spell it and not looking it up) agreement is signed, then you're boned, de royale. or Royally (not a word) boned. and yesterday I used the Urban dictionary you all speak of for the first time, and it was the most awesome first urban definition ever. The word(s)? Curb Stomp.

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Eh, either way. My point was that OP's marriage = no more.

This one sounds fake. How could the photographer not notice that was not the woman wearing the wedding dress. Also, odds are someone else would have seen something if the photographer saw it.

I agree, this is totally fake. Your photographer...who has been taking pictures of you all day, knows you have blond hair, and knows what you look like and wouldn't be taking pictures of your hubby kissing another girl, even if he was that stupid. Oh, and there is that slightly subtle WEDDING DRESS thing that's so easy to overlook. If you're going to make up a FML, at least make it believable!

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Indeed, probably fake. But even if it is true, YDI for marrying an asshole

most brides change into a different dress for the reception, at least they all have at the weddings ive been to

I could believe girls change out of their dress but.. why? The point of a public ceremony is the attention of the audience, or to allow someone else to witness the sacred moment. but mostly attention. Why change out of the attention grabbing dress?

I've never once seen that. In every real wedding I've been to, and even fake ones I've seen in movies, nobody ever takes their dress off until after the reception is over. I can't imagine why they would. But again, how could the photographer not notice that was a different woman? Dress or not, that would be pretty obvious.

I work at a banquet center, which means I see weddings at least once every week, normally twice, or three times. & I have only ever seen a bride take off her dress once before the reception was over. But thats because it was planned & everyone on the wedding party had matching shirts.