By idontmakethedresscode - 23/10/2015 08:17 - United States - Napa

Today, my classmate went into rage mode and cursed at me, complaining how it's so unfair that I'm allowed to wear a hijab in class but she isn't allowed to wear a Flamingo hat. FML
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I never knew flamingo hats were a religious practices :/

Stupid can't be fixed.


Stupid can't be fixed.

Sure it can. It's just that most of society frowns upon the fix. It's all "What are you doing with that knife," and "You're under arrest," and "Life without parole."

Stupid people should be fixed. That way they don't reproduce.

I second that motion

#55 I fail to see what religion has to do with a flamingo hat?

I never knew flamingo hats were a religious practices :/

I had to google it, and I can't imagine why anyone would want to wear one if not for religious reasons. For anyone wondering and too lazy - it's exactly what it sounds like. It's a pink hat in the shape of a flamingo.

Let's not mess with the flamingo god dude. Lol

Well, does she understand why you wear it? That it's not a fashion statement? Maybe this is a chance to educate her so she's aware.

The ignorance is strong with this one, sorry op, some people just don't understand the importance of the hijab

I hope she is not just graduated from kindergarten!!

english motherfucker, do you speak it?

"now, describe what marcellus Wallace looks like "

some people amaze me with their stupidity! ?

why is he trying comparing banana to a house

Because flamingo hats are a part of someone's culture.

I never thought there could be anybody that stupid. Hopefully she doesn't reproduce.

All hail the flamingo God.