By wtfiswrongwithher - 07/05/2011 13:56 - Australia

Today, I discovered my wife has a YouTube channel dedicated to 20 second videos of her wearing a fake mustache and making weird sounds. FML
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[comment moderated] There. Now you're not alone you big baby.


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search up... girl with fake mustache then look for 20 second videos

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how dis a FML? chickz wit fashial hair r hote

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why the **** did my comment get moderated? I didn't even curse or anything

Cursing isn't the goddamn problem; spelling like a drunken toddler is. Aww shit, son.

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you were moderated to avoid spreading your huge red rash to the rest of us. fuckshitbitchass.

32- Calm the fck down... Its your fault it got moderated so stop actin like you dont know why...

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[comment moderated] There. Now you're not alone you big baby.

samixgx095 has a video of that it's called Girl with Mustache!

what's so bad about that? she has a sense of humor so man up douche

ToErikaWithLove is the channel name.

That. Was. Epic. Seriously, you guys have to check out her videos, so ******* awesome!

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hahaha sirin your hilarious

I made an FML account just to tell you I subscribed to your wife on YouTube :)

Her profile is awesome! OP should be proud that his wife is so cool,

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Yeah i know ! How is this an FML ???!!! This guy must be effed up in the head or somethin .

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At least she is not filming you op!

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positive, it's a screw on. That's why there's those holes above her lips we've been wondering about

53, I'm pretty sure it's a strap-on though.

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what's here channels account name?

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so maybe she is making up for your loss in testosterone.

and you are a kid with chicken legs and clown feet... what's your point? she doesn't look fat you really need some glasses.

actually yes I am.... thank you. My back and my calves are partially skin graphed due to a fire accident in my home when I shielded my 3 year old at the time from falling pieces of my roof as I was trying to get her out safely. Try not to pick on people that you don't know anything about. this should teach you something. And no need to apologize because you feel guilty know because you didn't really know I was actually a burn victim I already forgive you.

If we don't know you, we don't believe you. This is the Internet. So next time no need to type all that, cus' it's the Internet.

Also, your profile says you were 20 when your kid was 4, it also says your s military wife. So if that means your in the military, and you got burned by falling roof, how are you still in the military? House fires are serious, no way you could be healed that fast. Also, that means IF your in the military, so don't go raging on me.

Wow Lopee, nice detective work there! Really I'm impressed... except... she never said she was in the military you idiot. She said she was a military brat and a military wife... meaning her FATHER and HUSBAND were/are in the military. She clearly says she is in college. It also doesn't say she was 20 when her kid was 4... her kid is four and she is 21.... which means she was 18 when her child was born.

Ty 153, yes I a military WIFE and DAUGHTER. at the time I was only a military daughter cuz my profile tells you I wasn't married until I was 19 and I was 18 when this happen which would make my daughter 3 like I said. please read everything before you make yourself look like a complete ass. And you don't have to believe what I said infact I don't expect you to, not someone like you anyway. the point was for the person that made the assumption and was right not for you. and is it wrong for a mother to protect her child and live with the scars on her body for it? I don't see anything wrong with it you shouldn't have kids if your not willing to give up your life for them, not saying that's what you meant but that's the way it came off to me. btw you cam still have skin graphs and work in the military if I even was part if the armed forces that way it doesn't hinder anything I do all it does is look gruesome and tells a story. but Ty for your opinion.

and I was 16 when she was conceived just turned 17 when she was born. which is why it says I know I was young. which would have made her 3 almost 4.

OMG just shut up why don't you tell somebody who cares

it was to make a point you don't want to read it then don't. and apparently you cared enough to comment =) so thanks!

your welcome :). I really didn't mean to have it made a big deal it really was to make a point. but I don't mind sharing.

let me know when the book you just wrote gets published. I'll be sure to buy it. =)

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Dude, you're in denial. The 'stache is real!

Where have you been man?! Lol great to see you commenting again.

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as long as its not a Hitler stache, you're good!

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What's wrong with Hitler!? D:

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Your wife is secretly a guy. those three lumps, are not massive roids my friend.

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there are a lot of things wrong with hitler.

Hitler stole Charlie Chaplin's 'stache.

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24: is it not enough hitler was a dumbass racist hypocrit who killed over 3000000 jews and didn't like anyone who wasn't blonde hair blue eyed?

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119: Hitler killed over 6,000,000 jews not just 3,000,000. Plus many other races.