By mustachio101 - 17/07/2012 23:30 - United States - Montgomery

Today, my boyfriend thought it appropriate to let me know that doing the "duck face" in my Facebook pictures "highlights my mustache." FML
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Nobody likes the 'duck face' anyways, so props to him for giving you a reason to stop.


Damn_Hippster 11

*slow awkward clapping* welcome to the wiserhood OP's boyfriend.

Why would you do the duck face? Did you want to attract a duck hunter? Or maybe a man duck?

flockz 19

a man duck you say? "why hello there baby quack quaaaaack. mmm i love those thick tail feathers and your perfectly curved beak. your voice sounds like the splash of water on stones from my nearby pond. we can go back there if you like and i can caress your body and *puts on sunglasses* go down south for the winter."

It's not like duck facing was bad enough, but facial hair? Your boyfriend has done you a great service

JocelynKaulitz 28

Please, take that as a hint to STOP doing duck faces completely and not just to shave off the 'stache.

perdix 29

#41, No! That's too many words after you lowered your sunglasses. You get one or two words after the sunglass drop to make the joke pop. Saying a whole sentence after that is why people generally hate the use of the schtick.

kaylib7162 6

OMFG you sir are brilliant!!!! I just spit coffee out from laughing at that!!!!!!!

Nobody likes the 'duck face' anyways, so props to him for giving you a reason to stop.

Nobody likes it and we all laugh about it, yet many girls still do it! What ever happened to the cute smile? ^_^

itsgen 16

My thoughts exactly Besides op why make that retarded face in the first place? No cuteness is gonna come out of it ...

deransc 19

Please tell me it got you to stop

edixon0406 3

Did you really try to come on here for sympathy? You should know how the world feels about the duck face.

Iknoweverything 29

I can't figure out why girls think this is sexy! I'm wondering if there's some sort of troll out there that's telling girls that it's sexy so that the rest of the world can ridicule them. Given that most of these girls probably have no self-esteem anyway, they would probably do anything someone told them if they thought it would make them sexy.

Well, I'm a girl and I can't even make the Duck Face. Lucky me. :D

He was actually being kind. It also makes you look like an idiot. A hairy one.

Down with the duckface! He is just doing his part in the revolution

p3mguin 7

Says the guy with a duck as his picture haha

Says the guy with a penguin as his picture haha

Says the guy with the toaster picture... No? *runs into a bush to hide*

itsgen 16

Lmao! These comments about the default pictures are funnier than the post

Hahahaha!!! Oh my god! Zandalee. Thank you.

YDI for doing duck faces in Facebook pictures.

Try scrolling down the news feed without coming across one, it's actually harder than you think.

@46 I wish everyone did what you do. That way nobody would have all these friends they added just to feel popular. They are a joke. I also remove people who are annoying and people who don't respond to me.

Duckface is never attractive...he's doing you a favor by telling you...Nair time?

The duck face is just horrible. In all shapes and forms. And it's ugly on everyone too.

I've always wanted to know what it is like to shoot a duck.....

Play duck hunt, until the dog starts snickering. And OP, YDI for making that face, glad that he didn't had a gun...and shave that moustache.

OMG! I remember duck hunt, haven't played that game in years. I don't even remember which console it came out on, anyone?

You're 23 and don't know that Duck Hunt is a Nintendo classic? Sad childhood you must've had.

I'm 13 and I know that Duck Hunt came out on the SNES. Also, am I the only person who never actually tried to shoot the dog?

105: You're 13 and wrong--Duck Hunt was originally an NES game. I remember playing it a decade before you were born, whippersnapper!

I remember plenty of games on the NES. It was my first gaming system. I just know the names of two. Duck hunt and super Mario bros 3. There was one game where you were king kong or a giant reptile and climbed buildings.

Was it? It's been a while since I last played it.

120- That was Rampage, but I remember playing that on the Sega. Best 3 NES games when I was a young, IMHO, were Super Mario 3, Ninja Gaiden, and Double Dragon. :)

Hmm, maybe he could have been a bit more tasteful in his delivery, but would you prefer he Didn't tell you that, if it is true? (My wife and I have what we call Brutal Truth Moments, where we warn the other it's coming and to take it with a grain of salt but it's said anyways cause we feel it's necessary!)

Keliosan 6

Very well put. While I can't gather up even the smallest amount of pity for anyone that takes pictures making that stupid face, it's nice to see someone with some self control that doesn't see the FML and scramble to type "WTF Y U DUCKFACE!?!"

deransc 19

Sounds like his delivery was spot on

unknown_user5566 26

Draco, when it comes to the duck face, there is no reason to be tasteful. The duck face is an awful offense to photographs and should always be discussed in the least tactful way possible. ;)

I mustache you a question, do you shave it, wax it, or twizer it? Now you do. :)

whatsup215 0

I don't know if I love or hate this comment haha

Your point? I already know how to spell tweezer, but I meant tweeze. Anyhow, Google beat you to the punch. Hate my comment with its overused pun all you want. ~_~

Your comment isn't all it's quacked up to be.

#103 - It's terribly over-used and unoriginal. Just like the doggy said. Such a cute doggy.

klovemachine 24

You get an A for effort, 10 :)

Two solutions 1. Shave/Wax 2. Don't do the freaking duck face!

Actually you missed the third option: Shave/Wax and don't do the duckface.

I'd combine the two solutions into one. On its own, each solution leaves a problem at hand...or face in this case.