By okaydisarray - 22/03/2016 20:23 - United States - Dayton

Today, I received a letter from an eBay seller for whom I recently left an honest, negative review. I don't know what I was expecting, but I certainly wasn't ready for what spilled out coating my jeans, shoes, and brand new carpet: Glitter. FML
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friedpwnadge 25

I bet OP will be feeling the magic, all the way through eBay's support system.

Millionman24 16
kyu_Q 19

Report him for Glitter? Wouldn't a vacuum cleanser get it out of the carpet.

No. Glitter is a pain to get out of most kinds of carpet.

Plus he's clearly a moron for putting his name on the letter. I hope he enjoys his ban.

yellowzinnias 20

Also, Ebay lays out the reasons you are allowed to use a buyer's contact information, and this is NOT one of them. Report him fast and hard.

Send him a letter back thanking him for the glitter. Say you needed some for an art project. I would be disappointed id I tried to screw someone over and it made them happy.

Some people take their digital existence way too seriously, and they are normally sad and petty little people like this one. Oh well. FREE GLITTER

Well at least they're pushing the envelope ;-)

Apparently you're not familiar with the online company that sends glitter to your enemies...

I thought they shut down because they got overwhelmed.

OptimusSlime 23

It was auctioned online and someone else bought

Mathalamus 24

That will take years to clean up.

Have you ever gotten glitter everywhere before? That shit sticks around forever

askullnamedbilly 33

Glitter is also known as craft herpes. Once it infiltrates a house, it's pretty much impossible to get rid of, and has a habit of showing up YEARS later after you'd already forgotten its existence. I moved to my new apartment three years ago, and I just found glitter on the floor that I had spilled in my previous apartment. I have no idea how it got there, but I'm pretty sure those little blue flakes of evil are going to follow me around until I die.