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You were dropping a hint.

Well now they know you're getting laid.


Wow u are dumb

That comment is not worthy to be first. ): I was disappointed when I read it. Dear OP, I keep sticky notes in my purse for a reason. (:

I thought it was worthy lol thanks for being a troll :(

Wow, YOU are dumb.

You can call me boss.

How bout I call u dick face

You were dropping a hint.

Nope a hint would be writing. "fuck me tonight." on the paper.

But that's too subtle.

24 you're right, how 'bout "Don't fuck me tonight. *wink, *wink*."

23/32 commenting on your own comment talking to yourself, That's some kind of stupid.

When she calls you, you can bet on her using her "seductive" voice...

40, I'm not sure I understand "commenting on your own comment talking to yourself" That sir, is the language of duuuuumbass.

40 I meant 24 or are you that thick-headed to actually understand that. Please respond back.

Also thanks for sticking up for me 46.

Dude, your name has potato in it, I couldn't not stick up for you.

Haha that would be embarrassing!

Awesome plan to see if she wants to party!

There you go, thinking outside the box XD

*seductive voice* Put it in. No silly! Put in your credit card. ;*

83 put the credit card in where? O.O

Put it in my hand. ;*

Awkwarddddd. Hope she did not see the items you bought loool

best comment ever

maybe they will think its a hint to have some fun later and they will want to come over?;)

Or it could have the opposite effect and the person will think you're taken and never call... :(

Well now they know you're getting laid.

And playing it safe!

And having buttsex! (Lube?)

The sad thing is, this guy probably isn't.

Smart choice

That's awesome

they'll think you're hinting at something ;D

Is it just me or did someone already say that O.O

Yeahhhhh buddy it's Nyan cat- the awesome gay rainbow poptart!

What has that got to do with anything, #90?

He..or she, for that matter..was trying to be funny. I found it offensive. So shut up #90

it's all good lol

Yeah, she'll probably find if hot.

You gotta buy your friend dinner first!

Maybe she'll take the hint? Lol