By snownerd - 03/11/2011 16:13 - United States

Today, while I was shopping, I saw my old friend from high school. After a bit of talking, I ended up giving her my phone number. I wrote it on an old receipt. Little did I remember, the receipt was from when I bought lube and condoms. FML
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iFizzgig 11

You were dropping a hint.

Well now they know you're getting laid.


Wow u are dumb

WTSchool 0

That comment is not worthy to be first. ): I was disappointed when I read it. Dear OP, I keep sticky notes in my purse for a reason. (:

I thought it was worthy lol thanks for being a troll :(

iFizzgig 11

Wow, YOU are dumb.

WTSchool 0

You can call me boss.

How bout I call u dick face

iFizzgig 11

You were dropping a hint.

Nope a hint would be writing. "fuck me tonight." on the paper.

iFizzgig 11

But that's too subtle.

24 you're right, how 'bout "Don't fuck me tonight. *wink, *wink*."

cyns0_oaSailor 0

23/32 commenting on your own comment talking to yourself, That's some kind of stupid.

n_epic_fail 14

When she calls you, you can bet on her using her "seductive" voice...

13FTW 9

40, I'm not sure I understand "commenting on your own comment talking to yourself" That sir, is the language of duuuuumbass.

40 I meant 24 or are you that thick-headed to actually understand that. Please respond back.

Also thanks for sticking up for me 46.

13FTW 9

Dude, your name has potato in it, I couldn't not stick up for you.

Haha that would be embarrassing!

Awesome plan to see if she wants to party!

There you go, thinking outside the box XD

iFizzgig 11

*seductive voice* Put it in. No silly! Put in your credit card. ;*

83 put the credit card in where? O.O

iFizzgig 11

Put it in my hand. ;*

Awkwarddddd. Hope she did not see the items you bought loool

best comment ever

maybe they will think its a hint to have some fun later and they will want to come over?;)

XenaWP 6

Or it could have the opposite effect and the person will think you're taken and never call... :(

4ugu4 7

True... ^

Well now they know you're getting laid.

And playing it safe!

And having buttsex! (Lube?)

The sad thing is, this guy probably isn't.

baygirl564 9

Smart choice

That's awesome

they'll think you're hinting at something ;D

Is it just me or did someone already say that O.O

holygodthatshars 0

Yeahhhhh buddy it's Nyan cat- the awesome gay rainbow poptart!

What has that got to do with anything, #90?

icanseethesky13 1

He..or she, for that matter..was trying to be funny. I found it offensive. So shut up #90

babycakess10 0

it's all good lol

Yeah, she'll probably find if hot.

iDaniel525 8

You gotta buy your friend dinner first!

Maybe she'll take the hint? Lol