By tammy - 27/06/2012 05:05 - United States - Inglewood

Today, while cashiering at the drug store, I saw my ex-boyfriend, who I'm still completely in love with. Being the only cashier, I had to ring him up. He was buying condoms. FML
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Javee 17

Hey, don't jump to conclusions. Condoms make awesome balloons.

He might have done it to make you jealous? You should've said 'oh, you got these a size too big, the extra smalls are on the right'


BubbleGrunge 18

Move on OP! No point in making yourself miserable over someone who isn't wasting their feeling on you!

Agreed, being that he dumped you, you should know he won't wait for you to move on.

Easier said than done.... OP, you've gotta start making baby steps. Go out sometime, you might meet someone else that interests you.

What a horrible guy. I'm sure there are other places he could have gone to get them. You're better off without him.

CJ0106 1

Agreed 36, sounds like he wanted to hurt her.

HelloGuys 4

36, If they broke up why should he have to change his agenda on where he buys his stuff?

48 - because he most likely did it knowing she works there. Idk where in Cali OP is but I'm in a small town in Cali and there are at least 5 or 6 different places one can go to purchase condoms... And it's not like drug stores have the best price. If my ex did that I would slap him... Doing things to intentionally hurt someone is just wrong.

He probably went to the most convenient place. Who says OP isn't at fault for the breakup? He shouldn't have to go out of his way just to get what he needs.

He was buying them for his best friend who is too shy to buy them himself for use on his gf.

It sounds like all of these ladies slamming the ex have some bitterness issues. How was the guy supposed to know she was working at that exact time? And why should he go out of his way to spare his ex? So what if he's ******* another chick? It's not her business anymore. Sounds like op just has trouble letting go. Just move on, it will make you both happier.

His body language would be the only way to know if it was on purpose. If he looked awkward or straight faced then it was probably innocent, if he was looking down on her or grinning smugly then it's another issue. Seems quite stupid to jump on the "he's definitely trying to hurt her" bandwagon personally without more information. The reality is though, if it was late at night and he doesn't know of anywhere else open then he would obviously be going to that store. Nobody is going to go driving around at night just to find a store to buy condoms to avoid the chance of running into their ex - which we can't even guarantee he knew worked in this store. It doesn't say how long ago they broke up or whether she worked there when they were together.

HelloGuys 4

79 - I basically said what you did but I got thumbs down... :(

Daftendirekt1 0

123 - actually no, you didn't.

Javee 17

Hey, don't jump to conclusions. Condoms make awesome balloons.

And apparently they make good magic, one-fingered gloves...

Or great headgear after leaving an ocean ..

Or great gum! (Coneheads reference anyone?)

Inheritance 10

10- haha homeless guy from previous FML

Oreohugzpenny 4

My boyfriend tried to make an used condominium into a balloon it blew up in his face!

alejandrorockz 2

I remember that in the movie!!!

Whenever I see such comments like this, I get the urge to pinch in both your cheeks and tell you how cute you are for making such an 'innocent' comment. Aww.

I talked to your ex-boyfriend after he left the store. His plan was to get back together and use the condoms with you. He was disappointed that you didn't show interested while he was buying them.

TheVelocirabbit 10

Wow, apparently you see almost every other freaking person who make an FML. If you're trying to be funny, then sorry but I'm not laughing, and I don't think anyone else is either.

AMEN VALACORABBIT!!! Lol Sorry if I spelled your name wrong!!!

Legendoflaw 4

Are you stalking this person?

TheVelocirabbit 10

37- Nah, it's okay 39- No. I scroll through and read all the comments. I've just seen him do this a couple of times.

VelcroRabbit is the one stalking ME! And I laid out a perfectly plausible alternate scenario. I want people to think outside the box.

TheVelocirabbit 10

He never said you were stalking me, and I just said why I know this. Please, read the comments like I just explained I did. Also, if you're doing alternate scenarios, you shouldn't act like you know the people. It 1) confuses people and 2) makes you sound like a liar. It's not hard to say "what if".

TheVelocirabbit 10

Oh, and it's not VelcroRabbit. It's VELOCIrabbit, like velociraptor. Again, why I read through comments.

Are all of you people stupid? It was a ******* joke. Holy Jesus.

Would you rather he come crawling back to you with an STD? Seriously, move on- or maybe he bought them on purpose- he could be trying to make you jealous.

He might have done it to make you jealous? You should've said 'oh, you got these a size too big, the extra smalls are on the right'

That's funny in all but I think I would be mature about it. What's the point in making yourself look like an asshole?

Lololololol! Because it would have been freaking hilarious. And made him feel so self conscious and bad, then again if he broke up with you then you obviously weren't doing a good enough job either

Yeah, on the off chance he was being a dick you should make him uncomfortable! Totally agree! He deserves it because we know that he MIGHT have been doing it on purpose! Except of course if it wasn't on purpose you come off looking like the biggest douchebag ever, and remind him that breaking up with you is the best thing he ever did. It also gives him a fun story to tell the new girl about his jealous ex girlfriend who he ran into.

Well she still loved him, its hard to hurt those you love

Dumps you and then buys condoms from your store. Sounds like a classy guy.

Yea this seams highly unlikely, that he didn't purposefully go to the store you work at.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Don't waste your time mooning over him and you'll find someone better! :D

olpally 32

Thumbs up for using the word "mooning" :D

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I'm 95% sure I got it from Harry Potter ;D

olpally 32

Even better... I love Harry potter :D

olpally 32

Yeah.. So? I don't care who knows. Harry potter is awesome. :)

Why would someone be ashamed of loving the best books ever?

Cydadel 0

Unfortunately best books ever is an overstatement. Yeah they're pretty good, but best ever is ridiculous.

"Harry Potter doesn't mean you're gay..." -Friends with Benefits

Dodge4x4Ram 46

that's a new low,,, get over it sounds easier said then done

courtneyann211 10

I've bought a pregnancy test and my ex fiancé had to ring it up. You ringing up his condoms doesn't seem too bad

olpally 32
olpally 32

That wasn't really necessary #80. The way I said it was fine. asshat.

How is that a dick move? Unless they intentionally bought the test at that store and waited for the ex-fiance to be working it's just an unhappy coincidince... probably much like what happened in the FML...

76 - I thought you hated grammar Nazis?

olpally 32

I do, but this really irritates me. I see this error way too many times. This is the first person I've corrected in a long time. I don't ever plan on being one. I do hate them. :)

Yeah poke holes then afterwards buy the box and keep it underneath next to your lunch and water then when he buys another pack "accidentally" drop his and replace it with the ripped ones! :D