By mrdave - 04/07/2009 05:54 - Canada

Today, I looked in my pocket for the phone number of a girl I met last night at a party. I remembered us talking and exchanging phone numbers. When I found the piece of paper, I discovered that instead of writing her number down, I had drunkenly written down my own. FML
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zach5 0

For the hell of it, call yourself. And call yourself a retard.

Hopefully she'll call you.


iSmellNice 2

Ha ha. Sucks for you.

LOL I agree with #1 bad luck, hopefully she calls you!

MrGlad 0

Meh, she still has your number, right? Unless the world just really hates you...

it does suck for him.. what your suppose to do when your that drunk, is let her write it down..

Kyothine 0


Hopefully she'll call you.

That's what alcohol can do to you.

fatalkiss 0

ik right. hopefully you had your beer goggles on

fatalkiss 0

and she really wasn't that hot. in which case, no disappointment there

What's worse is that you were probably raped.

Sweetness! Lmfao that sounds like something I'd do.

rafaelaugusto94 0


zach5 0

For the hell of it, call yourself. And call yourself a retard.

mylittlecrow 0

lmao XD


This is why you should always get the girl to write down her number on your arm and wear it around for a while. Then your friends if any will know that you scored.