By Anonymous - 13/06/2015 14:26 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I found out that my homophobic boyfriend, who I was giving a chance to grow the fuck up and get over his obsession with bashing gays, has been cheating on me with another man. FML
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Oh, you thought he was straight? Well so is spaghetti until it get hot and wet. Haha, I'm an unoriginal twat waffle, but eh.

Sounds about right.


Sounds about right.

tantanpanda 26

Bashing on gays to hide his true colors. guess you could say he's homophilic now.

JMichael 25

That's normally how it goes. He feels insecure about who he truly is so he hides it by bashing it.

Bit of a cliché mind. Who wants to be a cliché?!

Exactly. My mom's exhusband was like this once they got married. she came home sick one day to find him in bed with another man.

BlockOfRedStone 25

It's possible that he's bisexual, but even then it's odd.

hoosiergirl94 31

I was going to tell a gay joke...butt fuck it

JMichael 25

Nice try, but I don't think people found it funny.

only because everybody has heard it 1000 times

mds9986 24

Cum on guys, this isn't funny.

xluciferx666 21

Let's not dick around guys

That joke's just cockamamie.

Oh I got a joke! It's about butter! Ready? Actually I don't want you guys to spread it...

Never heard it, and I think it's funny! You are just butt hurt!

Alright guys.. Let's not be fucking assholes

I might have accidentally spit my drink out after reading this one... Nice

lilchica22001 22

I'm just gonna TOSS this out there...I bet that dude likes SALAD :)

Eyalsh 32

i was going to tell a joke about sluts, but that would be whoreable.

cynthianicole95 9

#13 Apparently almost 400 people found it funny, so.....

Hellafied97 13

Gay jokes aren't funny. Cum on guys

Omg I love that!!!!

Kick both of them in the balls

Why both? The other guy may not have known he was taken...

TallMist 32

I hate when people assume that the other woman (or in this case, other guy) knows the guy is already in a relationship.

When the other person does know I'd say they're equally at fault. Some skank slept with my then boyfriend, having actually met me multiple times, and had the audacity to say she was in the right because "he didn't love me". Wait until the breakup, people. It's not classy to sleep with a taken person, whatever your orientation.

Also I know OP didn't mention anything about whether the other party knew or not so it's not fair to assume one way or the other. I'm just speaking from experience that if you do know someone is taken, it's a shitty way to behave.

TallMist 32

I'm not saying it's not shitty to act like that if you do know, but to just assume that they do know like #3 did is kind of shitty as well.

That probably explains his behaviour though... Sorry this happened on your time.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

They do say people tend to be homophobic before accepting the fact that they're gay, or act homophobic to hide it.

Is it weird that I totally saw this coming? Fyl tho.

I'm sure op would've liked a heads up earlier then #6

CyberSeeker 20

what an unusual twist. That would explain why though

jdibartolo1 12

very ironic

Not that unusual. Studies have proven over and over that most homophobes are aroused by homoerotic images.

Oh, you thought he was straight? Well so is spaghetti until it get hot and wet. Haha, I'm an unoriginal twat waffle, but eh.

Shit...I love this comment. Yes, I'm prepared for all the thumbs down this will get but I just had to thank you for the laugh.

Not that many thumbs down. Lol

crackajak 15

I down voted this for all of your other worthless comments. Going 1/5 in a bar is decent, but you're too young to enter a bar and FML is not a playground, step up the game son.

Yep sorry dude, definitely using this

This comment is probably the best thing I've read on this site, I am definitely using this

textbook closet case self loather

Or he did it to keep her from finding out

... Can't be comfortable with his own sexuality. Kudos #9.

I can personally say that I have been in OP's position and it's insane how true it is! Many people who know they're gay are extremely homophobic because they don't like that about themselves. It's so self destructive.

WordBea 23

That was such a plot twist that I dropped my phone on my face (I'm laying down)

Strange_Ninja 13

Seems like the people who preach this sort of thing, tend to be the first to disregard whatever they said if it benefits them and not others. Hypocrites. I'm sorry OP that you had to deal with his bullshit and his lies. You deserve much better.