By hihipanda - 30/08/2009 12:58 - Singapore

Today, my friend and I went to a bar for drinks. I noticed this cute girl and went over to say "Hi." I had a great conversation with her and I asked for her number before she left. She passed it to me on a piece of paper with instructions specifying for my friend to call her and not me. FML
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that's so insulting :( you should give someone else her number instead of your friend :)

You're disturbingly creepy D:


KiSsKiZzy 0

agreed #2 then eat her pets for a rewarding snack!!!

Harry_Poochi 0

This is the part when you find out where she lives, then go to her house/apartment and kill all of her pets and family in front of her, then kill her slowly. Works every time.

You're disturbingly creepy D:

LOL. Yes. That's a fitting punishment.

Megan36 3

nice lol :P

Something tells me you have experience in this category.

FYL. That must suck.

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Sorry, bro. =/

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She should have gave you the rejection hotline number. It always works.. and it's always funny.

You'd think most people would recognize the Rejection Hotline numbers by now.

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People are still hiding in caves.

caves with low reception.

well that sucks, its okay :)

EIGHTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck all of you!

that's so insulting :( you should give someone else her number instead of your friend :)

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Give it to so creep in an ally way

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Why? Sure, she's a bit of an insensitive ass, but she doesn't deserve some creep stalking her. OP shouldn't give her number to the friend at all, because chances are some other guy will come along who she likes better.

haha that sucks, sounds like you have a good personality though