By my ears are dying - 22/06/2011 18:37 - United States

Today, my five year old niece decided to wake me up by shoving blasting earphones in my ears. Five hours later I can still hear Justin Bieber shrieking "Baby". FML
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Your eardrums are scarred for life.

so now op officially has bieber fever. :p

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Who Is Justin Bieber in my pueblo the kids only listen to Wishi y Yandel or Daddy Yankee

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are ur ear's still bleeding? lol

eminemchick 19

i cant even bring myself to imagine the horrors of hearing that young lady in my ears..

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56- your picture is the shit xD

Takador 3

51- Justin Bieber es un pendejito canadiense que parece una tipa y su voz es bien aguda y le gusta a todas las nenas adolescentes porque "el es tan bello" y a la verdad que no. Justin Bieber is a little canadian shit that looks like a girl and his voice is very high and all teenage girls like him because "he's so cute" and not really, cuz he's fugly.

OceanBreathesSal 5

actually if you team OPs name their ears are dying.

swimchica22 0

just look at the bright side! you got the joys of a concert right in your ears....while laying in your bed AWAY from 1 million screaming fans! :D

"HEY I LIKE THAT SONG!!!!!" -Molord1 Post #25 That's too bad...

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Honestly, I dont hate Beiber, I'm not a fan of his music but I would appreciate his accomplishments more if his fans weren't so in your face about it, or b*tchy.

I know people are going to thumb me down, but too bad. I like Justin, but I do agree that a lot of the fans are really rude and obnoxious. I respect everyone's opinion, and I hope that other people respect mine and the haters opinions. However, it is unfortunate that you had to experience his music in such a negative way. I hope you feel better, OP.

The ear drums are scarred and about to die, if I was OP I'd run and get high. That'll allow the pain to easily pass by, but tell on the 5 year old so that there is no allibi.

OceanBreathesSal 5

if you read** haha I don't know where the word "team" came from.

This reminds me of Back To The Future when Michael J. Fox put headphones on his 'father' character and blasted Van Halen

Though Van Halen is incomparable to Justin Bieber

oh shit that's horrible, the torture that must of been. God have mercy on your soul on a side note Selena Gomez and justin beiber is totally the hottest lesbian couple put there ATM

I think Justin Bieber is adorable. (I'm not a fan of his music or his voice, but he's adorable.) And you know what's funny? I'm a lesbian. True story bro.

you have been audibly raped by a 12 year old girl taking testosterone, or " teenage" boy taking estrogen, your pick

you knw Justin bieber isnt that bad he just looks gay and sounds like a girl but he can sing

juicedboi 7

Now don't get me wrong, this is definately a big FML and I'm not a beiber fan. But theres really no need for all the hate directed at him. He is a kid who caught a break doing something he loves. His music sucks beyond belief in my opinion but so does most of the crap played on radio and tv today. The kid actually does perform and do proper shows that I'd like to challenge any of you to do.

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I feel this...only about the fans part.

DeadxManxWalking 27

couldn't agree more. Justin sucks. who wants to shoot him? >:D

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Oh you guys are all so clever, calling him a girl and wanting him to die. Oh wait, actually, you're terrible people. It doesn't matter who a person is, or how much you don't like them, since when is it okay to be a complete douche bag to and about someone, nevermind threaten to kill them, just because they are actually doing well in life as a 17 year old, not sitting on FML trolling? You say you wish Bieber fans were less annoying and in your face? What about Bieber haters? I'd say they are WAY worse, and a lot more rude. Get a life instead of critiquing someone else's.

sarahxD1234 5

I'm sure if that little girl's music wasn't so shitty there wouldn't be any reason to hate on it. Maybe just maybe all of the "beliebers" have a horrible taste in music. But I don't know, I'm just a surgeon.

UnicornPukePink 0

And maybe that's true. But even if it is, he has millions and millions of fans with that "terrible" music, so why should he change it for you?

I don't want her to change it, I want her to stop ruining the thing we all know and love called music.

agreed. not even hardcore rap music can get that deadly song out of your head

Lauren10102 3

Agreed, it is almost as pervasive as the smell of subway resturaunts :0

i have to admit that rebecca black would have been worse.....

I lost what little respect I had for ludacris when I found out he was featured in that song.

I actually believe Bieber has the potential to be very talented. However, his talent is wasted by auto tune and by the god awful scourges of earth called "songs" that are written for him. I just wish fans of Bieber's music would listen to classic bands from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and some 90s to see what they are missing out on. It deeply saddens me to see how much mainstream music has declined over the years.

Lauren10102 3

boo! you not only spelled "you" wrong, but also made a bad joke about the song that I claim proves that civilization is, in fact, declining.

Depending upon which group of people you look upon. Come off of the Internet and learn about real people. The fact that they are not actually /talking/ to you allows them to say what they wish and make stupid jokes like that one.

Why does a five year old have an iPod??

5 actually kids get a lot of things now a days. At the age of 7 she'll have her own car. At age 9 she'll have her own house. At age ten she'll have a ******* space shuttle to ******* mars! I'm exaggerating of course but kids get a lot of stuff these days.

Thanks for clearing up the exaggeration.

or maybe she got her older sister's iPod?

haileemarie7 6

Because it's the newest technology for listening to music. It's no different then when kids has walkmans, 8-track players, or whatever else.

A7X_LoVeee 10

oh I thought you were dead serious.

whoisthisgirl 4

walkmens were like 20 bucks though. iPods, well the nicer ones, are like 100 or more. though it still bothers me when a 10 year old walks past me with their iPhone.

Bruno_Mars_Fan 0

My 8 year old brother and I got iPods for free. Our orthodontist gave them up for some odd reason.

haileemarie7 6

105-nobody said it was a nicer iPod. the cheapest ones are about $50. actually, no one said it was an iPod at all. they still make walkmans and CDs. could have very well been one of thoes. all that was mentioned was headphones.

And you haven't killed yourself yet? You, my friend are a trooper

iAmScrubs 19

She's a pretty good singer, isn't she? I'm thinking about going to one of her concerts some time.

Wait until she grows up and everyone discovers she's actually *gasp* a BOY!

Blast another song to get the Justin Beiber out. "Head strong to take you on!" Yeah trapt will force the Justin Beiber out.

Umm don't be mean to be mean but you look like Justin Beiber.

very nice name XD, is it Mr Sassy Pants or Mrs Assy Pants?

that is not a punishment. justin bieber is a sex god.

Maybe if your fantasy is prepubescent boys.... In which case I would recommend a counselor.

37 well not if eleven is prepubescent girl. But still... okay I just trolle I admit it.

oarisimo 4

Yeah right. maybe once he sprouts a pubic hair or two...

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kewlkate 9
kewlkate 9
kewlkate 9
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84 you sound like the posterchild for disney...

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I totally agree with you. Justin Bieber is a major sex god!Man is he ever tasty