By pimpdaddyX - 22/09/2012 16:22 - Malaysia - Shah Alam

Today, trying to be smooth, I slipped the girl I like a piece of paper with my phone number written on it. A while later, she slipped it back to me and left the room. FML
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Perhaps she typed it into her phone before leaving, thereby giving you a chance for a real connection. Or not...

It's not smooth when you give a girl some scrap of paper. Go talk to her and show her some of your better qualities; you might find that she'll be a bit more responsive.


On twitter? Not a bad idea. IRL? Yikes...

Micky- creating staplers since bf ore I was born.

Don't move bro... There's something on your head.

Yeah follow her, what have you got to lose? And even if you did have something to lose your little maneuver already lost you everything. So follow her.

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If I was a guy, and got rejected like that... Shit would hit the fan. I mean she could have been nice enough to just not call him -_-.

She didn't call him, that's why she gave back the paper...

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Yes she could have just kept the paper and not call him, but maybe he shouldn't have made a douchebag move like that. If he was interested in her then he should have asked for HER number. He shouldn't have just assumed that some "smooth" move like that was really gonna work.

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I know what he did and why it didn't work. Trust me if you're into a specific girl you're not supposed write "for a good time..." above your number. Only do that if you plan to pass out your number to multiple cheap ***** at once.

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But yet, aren't girls supposed to be attracted to confidence? If it were a girl giving a guy her number, and him giving it back to her before leaving the room, everybody would be being more sympathetic. Double standards, people.

77 he's not showing confidence by handing her a paper with his number and walking away. That shows arrogance. Confidence would be walking up to her, talking to her, and then asking for her number. By just handing her his number, it makes him look like he believes he can get any girl by just handing off his number and walking away.

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most FMLs that has "trying to be smooth/cute" in it always end up they deserve it

Yes, girls are attracted to confidence. I have no idea what that woman's problem is. Sounds like she wasn't worth much to me.

Perhaps she typed it into her phone before leaving, thereby giving you a chance for a real connection. Or not...

Yeah. That's totally probably exactly what happened!

After reading "....a chance for a real connection." I immediately thought of those sex chat lines. Just me?

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She is sooo smooth. To bad she didnt keep it, But she probably has a boyfriend... It will be pretty sure it will be weird seeing her now.

What makes you draw the conclusion that she has a boyfriend?

There's still hope! She could have put your number in her phone! Or blocked it... But think positive!

Women can be insensitive. Not contacting you or saying "Sorry, I'm not interested" would be a much more appropriate response.

Well, he didn't contact her or say that he was interested, so the response was quite appropriate. Since he did it silently and without any information to follow along with it, for all she knows he took her for someone else.

Just because one girl responded in a not-so-kind way, doesn't mean all women are insensitive and unkind. Way to be stereotypical.

Totally agree with scar. Just because one girl rejected some guys phone number doesn't mean all girls are insensitive. Achievement Unlocked: Be extremely sexist on FML.

6, aren't women generally known for being OVERLY sensitive. Seriously, you should have said PEOPLE can be insensitive. (As my profile clearly states, i'm a girl)

Batman I fully agree! And to the posts above, it's not just one. It's the 93 or so out of a 100 that gives that reputation. I've lost count of the girls I've asked for their number and got; laughed at, told to f**k off, fake dry heaving, or over the top hurtful ways. Only a very few times have I heard no thank. Women for the most part are crewel.

#47 and #49, he wrote "Women can be insensitive", not "Women are so insensitive!".

Thank you. I said "can be", not "always are". So it turns out that I'm not sexist, and that you people are illiterate. Achievement unlocked: Be extremely illiterate on FML.

It's not smooth when you give a girl some scrap of paper. Go talk to her and show her some of your better qualities; you might find that she'll be a bit more responsive.

You don't know his situation. It may be that he isn't good with approaching girls with conversation, and he asked a female friend for advice and she said "You need to make a better first impression, just smoothly give her a slip of paper with your number on it, and you can get to know each other through text, so when you meet again in person you'll be comfortable with her." It isn't easy for everyone to approach someone, fearing rejection, and try to make a good impression. Especially after several failed attempts. Slipping someone your number isn't ideal, but if the alternative is being a sweaty, stuttering, nervous wreck, it may be the best option you have.

Yeah, but if she had said yes, he would have had to talk to her anyway. And be sweaty and evertything. So.. Why just don't go talking to her ? Much better than sending a poor number on a piece of paper. It's as bad as a poke on Facebook, to me.

Sometimes girls appreciate it when they know how much courage it took to talk to them. It lets them know that they are more important or attractive enough to outweigh the cost of possible social humiliation or personal anxiety. On the other hand, metaphorically shoving your number down her throat is a definite turn-off and makes you look like a complete self-obsessed jerk. It doesn't take that much effort to say hi and introduce yourself to someone.

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#19, yes, but it is much much easier to talk to someone in person after you already know they are interested and have had some conversation with them. If she sent kind texts and seems like a nice person it is much less scary talking to her in person than it is going up to her not knowing if she'll just verbally destroy you.

No, no. Batman, you're looking at it through the digital glasses. 'hide behind the computer screen, it's safer' sort of deal. I'd rather a man with courage (even if he's nervous!) to come talk to me, to put some thought into what's he's going to approach me with and then try. It personally makes me feel as if they are more of a man. Not to mention, it's rather adorable too see them nervous. Not all men have that, some can just go smoothly into the conversation, but it's up to both parties to be polite and properly address the other. In this case, the girl OP slipped the paper too, properly addressed him. She gave back the piece of paper exactly how she obtained it. That is how he wanted it. If he wanted words, he'd of used words first.

Your long description makes it appear that you are a "nice" guy. I'm sure you get friend zoned a lot. Don't be so forward like OP.

I wanna poke you on Facebook. How do you fell about!! Wired I haven't thought about being poked on Fb. It's ok though lol

#70 I assume you are talking to me. You'd be assuming wrong. Once I was sort of friend-zoned, I was friends-with-benefits-zoned. I cared about the girl though, and it was hard hanging out with her every day and having a sexual relationship with her but not anything more. But it was even harder to resist. I don't get friend-zoned a lot, but I do seem to always find the girls who want to **** but not date, or date for a few weeks and then move on. I especially hate the whole "Sorry, I just can't stay in this relationship because I'll just keep hurting you (referring to her cheating), but we can still be friends." And then two weeks later she stops talking to me. Whatever though. I guess it's better to have sex with many hot women than to have none.

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Maybe you could say hi to her first next time

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She didn't even want the number. There's no way she wanted the D:

Obviously, 9 meant she wanted the "Distance" when they said the "D."

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Nobody gets your humor, 9, but that's ok, because I do, and I appreciate you.

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"trying to be smooth"...automatically made me click YDI.