By fired - United States - Portland
Today, I really had to pee while babysitting. Normally this isn't a problem, except the kids were sleeping and going potty would wake them up right before their parents were due home. Desperate, I decided to pee in a cup in the kitchen and wash it down the sink. Their parents came home mid-stream. FML
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  GothicAngel17  |  24

People drink from those cups :| I'm glad the parents found out, so they could throw the cup away! Otherwise they could have just rinsed the cup in the middle of the night thinking it was from water and used it to drink from :|

  lylotrezor  |  20

It's actually only sterile until it leaves the body, since the genitals are not. Also, urine is composed of all the toxic waste of the body, so it is in fact rather disgusting.

  MrsDruidess  |  23

you shouldn't do that ever! You could have just waited to flush if it was just pee. Your lucky it wasn't worse, I would have black listed you on line and in print all over the area! Nasty!!!

  Keevarou  |  16

What's wrong with guys sitting on the toilet to pee?
Makes less noise, and less chance to dirty up the toilet lid, and no more telling from girls that you have to put the toilet lid down.
So it would be considerated a "courtesy" from the male.

  fortunelady  |  15

Good point. Though maybe the solution there would've been: Don't Flush.

It's not pleasant, but I'd rather someone used my bathroom and didn't flush after themselves than peed in one of my cups and threw it down my kitchen sink. I drink out of those cups and wash up in that sink!!

  hthelittleone  |  10

But what if it was a girl, and she was trying to avoid the flushing noise? Now that would be pretty scary to walk in on as a parent, considering she would have to pull her pants down and squat..

  Amethyst888  |  14

How does peeing in a cup make you a tramp? I mean yeah it's disgusting and OP shouldn't have done it, especially at someone else's house, but he's not really exhibiting tramp like behavior in this FML...