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Today, I really had to pee while babysitting. Normally this isn't a problem, except the kids were sleeping and going potty would wake them up right before their parents were due home. Desperate, I decided to pee in a cup in the kitchen and wash it down the sink. Their parents came home mid-stream. FML
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jonnied23 20

You shouldn't do that at other people's houses.


MizzErikaHart 8

Did you put the kids to sleep in the bathtub? How could you going "potty" be that loud?

Look em in the eye and finish like a boss.

Stop the world! I want to get off... What the ****?

28- I'm guessing the OP was thinking about the flushing.

46 is right. OP probably didn't want to flush or that would wake the kids. OP, if the parents were coming home that soon, couldn't you wait a few minutes?

Da_Bauss435 8

OP should have turned towards them, said hello, and continue peeing. You'll get hired back because they'll realize the confidence you have in yourself.

aaahhhfire21 0

Aren't u glad u didn't have to shit?

KeyLoLoKye 0

The best reply ever! My gawd. (#31)

kayla_ann0o 9

Caught with your pants down. How do you explain that one.

blackheart24 10

I wanna know if OP was a guy or a girl.

nofearjenshere 12

^ I imagined OP as a girl squatting over the cup.

117 - just say your little brother ran up behind you, pulled down your pants yelling, "Geronimo" and then ran away…

cadillacgal79 32

171-How do you explain the peeing than?

jonnied23 20

You shouldn't do that at other people's houses.

KM96 24

At your own house is bad enough as it is!

People drink from those cups :| I'm glad the parents found out, so they could throw the cup away! Otherwise they could have just rinsed the cup in the middle of the night thinking it was from water and used it to drink from :|

Well urine is sterile, so it would only effect you emotionally.

It's actually only sterile until it leaves the body, since the genitals are not. Also, urine is composed of all the toxic waste of the body, so it is in fact rather disgusting.

mandak1982 3

It's only sterile while in the body.

CaramelMacchiato 13

22 - Let's hope that OP at least had the decency to use a red cup/plastic cup!

If OP was from Portland, then he made the right move by keeping Portland weird (one of our motos)

Inheritance 10

Red solo cup come fill me up! Let's have a party..

you shouldn't do that ever! You could have just waited to flush if it was just pee. Your lucky it wasn't worse, I would have black listed you on line and in print all over the area! Nasty!!!

bughug1999 11
jerseyboy732 16

assuming your male you could have sat down the the toilet while you went so it didn't make any sound

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9? What's wrong with guys sitting on the toilet to pee? Nothing! Makes less noise, and less chance to dirty up the toilet lid, and no more telling from girls that you have to put the toilet lid down. So it would be considerated a "courtesy" from the male.

FMLshark 12

Now people are judged by the way they sit on their toilets? What has this world come to?!

I guess it wasn't as much the sound of him peeing but rather the flushing that would wake the kids.

Good point. Though maybe the solution there would've been: Don't Flush. It's not pleasant, but I'd rather someone used my bathroom and didn't flush after themselves than peed in one of my cups and threw it down my kitchen sink. I drink out of those cups and wash up in that sink!!

I pee on the side of the toilet to make less noise...

hthelittleone 10

But what if it was a girl, and she was trying to avoid the flushing noise? Now that would be pretty scary to walk in on as a parent, considering she would have to pull her pants down and squat..

How does peeing in a cup make you a tramp? I mean yeah it's disgusting and OP shouldn't have done it, especially at someone else's house, but he's not really exhibiting tramp like behavior in this FML...

Alanber92 5

Sadly, I have had this sort of thing happen to me before, only I was at a friend's house and the water was off : (

RaquelW 7

sounds like a different sort of thing.

other121 2

Do I give a shit? This was never about you. Attention ***** much?

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I'm pretty sure the parents wouldn't piss in their own cups :/

I think 8 means the parents must pee when the kids are in bed, so it probably wouldn't have woken the kids up. Either way, this FML is ******.

"This isn't what it looks like..." *puts cup down* "...I swear the apple juice in the fridge is actually apples..."

Kids parents: "there's no apple juice in the fridge..."

Babysitter "Well, I bought some..."

Parents: "Our kids are allergic to apple jucie. We told you this on the phone..."

Okay seriously, did you post this comment twice?! It wasn't good or correct the first time, was it really necessary to post it twice? OP is STILL NOT A TRAMP!

That's disgusting! Why is the first thing you thought to do is piss in a cup? I'm sure you had better options

If the parents were due home so soon you'd think OP could've held it. Or at least gone discreetly in the backyard.

Or if they were really that desperate, use the bathtub or go outside.... Or , you know, wait...