By Anonymous - United States
Today, while I was at work at a nursing home I was attempting to dress a woman for bed. She popped me a left hook and I had to ask the nurse to look at my jaw. After my nurse said I was okay she asked me to continue getting the woman dressed for bed. She hit me 5 more times. FML
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  primadonna9396  |  16

I find it hilarious that the woman didn't have the strength to pull on a nightgown, but was capable of popping you in the face. It does happen though, my grandmother can't open a Pepsi but whacked me with her cane hard enough to leave a bruise for 2 weeks. Geriatric super strength FTW.


what the hell does paying attention have to do with anything? Granny just put the smackdown on OP's candy ass. Can you smellelelelell....what the *shoots the People's eyebrow*

By  Sionnach  |  10

Just hit her back. She's old and obviously out of it. In five minutes she'll have forgotten the whole thing, but the pain ought to serve as a good reminder that she did something wrong. Or, if she's having a laugh at your expense and thinks she can get away with it because of her advanced years, you'll have taught the old bat not to **** with you.


What the fuck is wrong with you. Hit the elderly that needs help getting changed? They should be respected and helped. You, are a sick fucking freak and should be smacked so you know you did something wrong. You sick fuck you disgust me.

By  leadman1989  |  15

This is why you always bring a treat filled with sedatives... she has no teeth and she's diabetic? This is why you always bring a stungun and tranquilizer gun.

Or wear on of those boxing training helmets!