By Anonymous - 28/10/2011 05:37 - United States

Today, while I was at work at a nursing home I was attempting to dress a woman for bed. She popped me a left hook and I had to ask the nurse to look at my jaw. After my nurse said I was okay she asked me to continue getting the woman dressed for bed. She hit me 5 more times. FML
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I would have stopped trying to dress her after my second hit.


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She sounds like a good beat boxer

Yeah, the oldies are always the best!

Come on, she's just an old lady! YDI for being a wimp.

23 you say wimp now, but you don't know that the old lady was actually rocky's mom.

"How'd you get that bruised face?" "Oh and old lady in a home beat me up."

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The elderly are out to get us! I'm convinced.

you deserve it! this is what happens at nursing homes deal with it

I find it hilarious that the woman didn't have the strength to pull on a nightgown, but was capable of popping you in the face. It does happen though, my grandmother can't open a Pepsi but whacked me with her cane hard enough to leave a bruise for 2 weeks. Geriatric super strength FTW.

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That must be annoying op. Hope you're making a damn decent salary. Maybe hazard pay.

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Sorry OP I should've warned you about my grandma.... :)

Oh please! Tell your grandma to pay attention next time!

what the hell does paying attention have to do with anything? Granny just put the smackdown on OP's candy ass. Can you smellelelelell....what the *shoots the People's eyebrow*

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Ah hell nah, let's whoop this old persons ass right now!

Do you know the definition of insanity?

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

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That's not the actual definition..that was just how Einstein defined it

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The state of being seriously mentally ill..

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Thats when you pull her plug when nobody's looking...

...Then she'd go to prison for murder.

The cleaning staff must have knocked it out of the wall while vacuuming, right?

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Lol cmon people thats funny you guys are way too serious its called a joke :)

Just hit her back. She's old and obviously out of it. In five minutes she'll have forgotten the whole thing, but the pain ought to serve as a good reminder that she did something wrong. Or, if she's having a laugh at your expense and thinks she can get away with it because of her advanced years, you'll have taught the old bat not to **** with you.

Smack the the elderly? ...great advice that is.

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Your picture looks so evil. I like it!

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What the **** is wrong with you. Hit the elderly that needs help getting changed? They should be respected and helped. You, are a sick ******* freak and should be smacked so you know you did something wrong. You sick **** you disgust me.

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This is why you always bring a treat filled with sedatives... she has no teeth and she's diabetic? This is why you always bring a stungun and tranquilizer gun. Or wear on of those boxing training helmets!