By Anonymous - 16/12/2012 00:46 - United States - Detroit

Today, it was my first day at my new job at a nursing home. Not only were we short staffed, two residents passed away, and I got beaten up by an old man. FML
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zingline89 18

Those same exact things happened to me on my first day at my new job. Except I was working at a bowling alley so it was much more peculiar...

Them WWII Vets still got the skills that kills!


zingline89 18

Those same exact things happened to me on my first day at my new job. Except I was working at a bowling alley so it was much more peculiar...

AbstraktThoughts 13

Hang in there OP! Being a nurse isn't an easy occupation, but it does have it's moments where you love your job and the ppl you work with to death :)

I can't believe you didn't have staff to spare, zingline, at a bowling alley, and if it consoles you, I'm sure the old man just got a lucky strike.

zingline89 18

Get your mind out of the gutter Pleo. You're not guna pin that fight on me. I've been framed too many times before. Now if you'd like to have a civilized discussion about this, I'd be happy to get the ball rolling. Otherwise, you can split.

Hey I see no Foul in what in what I said, I was only enquiring about your lack of staff! So if you want to go ahead and Double back on what you said, maybe we can find an agreement which is much more up your alley. Still, it's hilarious how a man with a Handicap could leave you out for the Count. Guess you're not such the king pin.

PhishloverA 14

I can see getting beaten up at a bowling alley, but two people passed away there too?

CantusVulpis 12

Remind me not to go to this bowling alley, ever.

Guess OP didn't know, that's how they welcome new people at a nursing home.

Them WWII Vets still got the skills that kills!

Your comment reminds me of drake and Josh

OP, your FML is unique and different in so many ways I can't explain, but it makes me feel sympathy for you.

32 - May I ask where your profile picture was taken? It looks very similar to a gas station close to me.

I took the picture in Mississippi myself. The flying J is a very nostalgic place for me for reasons that will take too long to explain.

Well.... Usually I'd say "tomorrow will be better" but to be completely honest you just never know with the elderly.

You sure you're fit to do that job if you can't take care of an old man? //patpat

peachesncreem 21

Take on an old man? Don't you think it would be highly unprofessional and illegal for OP to start hitting back?

MrThumbsItUpMan 8

Your an idiot OP. Why on earth would you hit an old man?? That could be someone's grandfather or someone's dad. There is no reason whatsoever that one should ever hit an elderly person.

Don't underestimate old people. I was a 240 pound big guy working for hospital security (I'm now a nurse). I was called to help with a 95 year old man who was upset. It took 6 of us to hold him down so we wouldn't hurt him, and he lifted me off the ground. All 130 pounds of him. It was for 5 seconds, but he did it. If you're not careful they can absolutely hurt you.

Read the comment. "Take CARE of an old man"

Isn't it his job to take care of old people? I'm sorry, I've been to a nursing home and the reason people who are in it is because they're unable to take care of themselves properly. For OP to not be able to be able to control one person and calm him down who probably can't even cook for himself anymore, I don't really get it. I should probably have made my wording clearer, sorry :(

saffy66 34

That's not a typical day believe it or not - the old man beating on you is, but it's not common to lose residents on a daily basis. It can't get much worse - chin up!

How on earth did an old man beat you up? I can understand a slap on the ass or a boob grope, but he beat you up? As for the deaths, nursing homes are usually the last stop so expect more of the same or find a new job if you can't handle it. Sorry though. :)

rjoker0413 15

You ever think the old guy could be a crazy Vietnam veteran or something like that?

Clearly you've never heard of dementia. Or seen an old man who isn't frail.

Also, you have to keep in mind that the OP can't actually fight back. My mother works in a nursing home and her and the other nurses have to restrain people like this but at the same time they mustn't hurt them. It's difficult especially when understaffed.

23-Actually yes I do know what dementia is and how old people behave. I'm an ICU nurse and we get more than our share of old timers. Many of them are rambunctious, but after 17 years as a nurse, I have never seen nor heard of a patient/resident "beating" anyone up. Many of them are strong but they are not that strong. That's all I was saying.

Your in ICU you obv don't get lots of elderly because if you did you would know that some ppl with dementia ARE violent. And when they re they can beat you esp when your understaffed. That's the problem not enough ppl realize how hard this job is. I've been punched in the face while 3 other ppl tried to restrain a res.

threer 30

Op's gender isn't revealed.. Boob grope or ass slap??? Stereotypes much...

On the bright side the old man is strong enough to live long. Learn some skills to tackle him.

I really hope the shortstaffedness and the two people passing away weren't connected....otherwise your day may be about to get a lot worse...

looloothing 9

Are you a CNA? I'm a CNA, and CNA work is rough.

ami200485 14

I've worked at one for almost 11yrs I know how u feel!