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Today, I talked to my mom about hanging out with her. She got out her phone to schedule an appointment. FML
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"Hmm, Christmas I'll be in Mexico. Hmm when's your birthday again? I'll be busy then too. The only time I can pencil you in would be April fools day. Would that work?"

At least she won't be able to turn around and say that she has other plans on the day?


At least she won't be able to turn around and say that she has other plans on the day?

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You gotta hang out with your mom more often.

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Actually one her plans could change anytime seeing as she most likely has a time consuming job that may call her to work whenever necessary. Quite unfortunate but at least she's trying to make time.

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Not really. My mom and I are so busy with 2 jobs each we have to schedule one night a month to hang out. That's not embarrassing at all

Maybe you and your mother should have finished high school

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#61 I love my Siri :) I'd do it too lol

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You poor thing... Funny story, this is how I got rejected from a girl once. Pulled out her iPhone and "went through her busy schedule". Nothing was written...

pitchblease 2

Not funny as in haha, funny as in weird. Considering her story reminds me of an old one of mine.

That doesn't mean anything. I have a very busy schedule but have nothing written in my calendar on my phone. I write everything in a planner.

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awe :( but I have one were you able to figure out she had nothing written for plans or anything on her iPhone? unless you were looking over her shoulder, but,

Hey hey hey, this ain't your FML now gtfo

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My dad does that all the time.. Parental love at its finest

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Wait till you see the bill! You- >:0