By ari - 17/06/2011 11:06 - United States

Today, I woke up to NYPD detectives banging on my door with flashlights, looking for some criminal who used to live in my house. Apparently, when they showed the man's mugshot to my neighbors upstairs, for some reason they identified the man as my husband. FML
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luis72091 0

you're married to a criminal lol

Used to? Maybe your husband is like the Craiglist killer and you just don't know it


fyl you shouldn't have married the achmed the animal fucker

So many things wrong with that comment.

mrT95 1


luis72091 0

you're married to a criminal lol

bravesfan112233 0

run while you still can

Agiggleaday 0

...Or maybe he is a criminal but hes a master of disguise.

craigslist killer! lol well at least they didn't show up with pointed guns

TheEricCartman 0

My friend Kyle was arrested by Apple once, it was so COOL!

^ i was about to ask if your bane was Cartmen, and then I realized it was:) Ps: I love ur name

I wonder what the crimes committed were.

Admit it!! You killed him didn't you!!!

jamieleigh_315 0

#18 I love ur pic hahaha

#67 isnt that you in the picture ???

#67 isn't that you in the pic ????

lovinj 2

ouch!!!!! you just got burned!!!!

alexg823 0

Figuratively, of course.

#41's picture explains this perfectly.

secret_dragon 0

you should report your neighbours to the police

read the FML more carefully before you post comments like this

think more before you post comments at all. secret dragon was clearly saying that to get back at the neighbors.

marix54888 0

well it doesn't say my neighbor upstairs, it say's my neighbors upstairs. so NYPD showed the picture to OP's neighbors upstairs, not her neighbors.

WTF are you saying?

101 is probably saying that op lived in a apartment

Mcstud1y 30

Perfect revenge 3

Used to? Maybe your husband is like the Craiglist killer and you just don't know it

A7X_LoVeee 10

Hey, I saw that movie on Lifetime!

I wanna play this FML in LA Noire.

imacreeper 3

The movie was awful:(

A7X_LoVeee 10

I would say 98% of Lifetime movies are.

Looks like someone has a dark past.

1215116a 14

This has nothing to do with the FML, but why is your profile picture of a dissected animal?

maybe he has a secret life. he is a criminal and when he says he is going to work he is really doing illegal activities.

yeah, i feel enlightened. thank you.

kiketag 0

remember everything hitler did was legal

sparta98 4

Actually, 74, I think Hitler was guilty of Homocide by Omission. Since he was married to Eva Braun, he had legal obligations to care for her, which he failed to fulfill.

Surferbro 5

Dude you fucked up in real estate

hahasoo true

what does that mean?? lol

parxxx, it's stalkers not stockers lol. and no I wasn't stalking you I was just reading your bio.

amandawarnermofo 0


somebody is not telling you something....

Either your neighbours were half asleep, your neighbours are evil or you husband's not telling you something.

OceanBreathesSal 5

or all of the above... :O

^ my thoughts exactly #43!

BigHoshJosh 0

you shouldn't have gave your neighbor crabgrass. that shits annoying!

Im not a grammar nazi but you shouldnt have given....

1215116a 14


BigHoshJosh 0

Julie, I love you