By Icci - United States
Today, at work I was playing football with one of my camp kids in the indoor-pool. I saw a co-worker walking by and I decided to hit him with the football. The football slipped out of my hand and I hit a lady in the face, breaking her nose, and causing her to fall and get a concussion. FML
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  quarty165  |  0

and how exactly is throwing a ball indoors any less retarded? Almost as dumb as naming a game where you use your feet once "football" - particularly when a much more popular sport by that name already exists.

  ninjacapo  |  2

wow u people are lame. ur non american "football" (soccer) sucks. any game with no physical contact that usualy ends in a 1 to 1 tie is lame in my books. also op was in a pool so of corse they threw it inside what do u expect. to op: i hope u didnt get sued.


"today some rotten old whippersnapper was playing football and was going to throw it to his weirdo coworker and he slipped like a retard and threw it in my face and broke my nose. I'm sueing. FML

PS: op YDI