By leonuniz - 19/04/2015 16:34 - Canada - Calgary

Today, my grandma told me point-blank that she despises gays, but that she'll go to my wedding for the booze and nothing more. FML
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"I despise alcoholics, but I'll still take what I want from your estate when you die."


Damn. I wish the best for you and your partner.

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god. no. just. why? I mean it's OK if she doesn't like it but at someone's wedding she should shut her motuh. also she runs to risk of making a sence.

@51, Freedom of speech is not an excuse to be a dick. The OP's grandma has the right to say whatever she wants but the OP's right to live his life the way he wants to, without being accosted, far outweighs grandma's right to say whatever her bigoted mind comes up with. I feel bad for everyone in your life if you think bigotry is just an opinion... nobody deserves to be told they're despised because they love someone.

Astrum14 24

Freedom of speech only applies to the government punishing you. If you get disowned by your family for being homophobic, well, sucks to be you, but you shouldn't be a dick.

Homophobia is the fear or hatred of homosexuals

Sarcasm guys. #51 was being sarcastic.

I feel for you #51, seems noone noticed the "/s" to emphasize the sarcasm.

Ah, apologies if #51 was indeed being sarcastic. It's too often people pull the "freedom of speech" card when trying to defend being an asshole, so I have a spiel ready to shoot off whenever I see it. Sorry again!

or invite her and sit her right up the front, where she can't avoid seeing how much you and your husband - to - be love each other, and can't act out because she is where _everybody_ can see her.

I wish the older generations would respect and understand that there's nothing wrong with being gay.

Yes, maybe we should understand that being homosexual has only been legitimately accepted within the last 25 years. But still, what OP's grandma said is ******* rude.

When my grandparents were younger, they didn't even know there was such a thing as homosexuality. It's such a foreign concept for older generations, but that's still no excuse for your grandma to condone your happiness.

@16 . . .to *not condone. And I agree.

Everyone suspected my great grandmother was gay. And she was a crabby old lady because she couldn't be with another woman lol

I think that you should understand that if you were gay back when she was a child growing up, you'd be beaten by your parents, beaten by classmates, and beaten by priests.

Just because society is wrong is not an excuse to be intolerant

You realize it's still the same today... Don't you..?

I wish people would realize it's really not a big issue and stop getting offended when someone says something negative towards them. Everyone has an opinion and you can't change it. Just change how you react.

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everything is wrong with being gay.. but I do respect it I won't judge anyone for being gay I just dont agree

How can you say you respect people who are homosexual yet say everything about them is wrong? Don't be asshole keep those comments to yourself

"I despise alcoholics, but I'll still take what I want from your estate when you die."

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I need to be able to thumb this up more!

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Tell her if she wants to be a bitter, rude drunk she can do that just fine by herself. Don't let her rain on your special day. :)

Tell her you despise homophobes and uninvite her

Homophobe means you're afraid of homosexuals. I doubt she cowers in fear when a homosexual is around. Arachnophobia doesn't mean you hate spiders, it means you have a paralyzing fear of them.

#27 homophobic : an unreasing fear of OR antipathy towards homosexuals & homosexuality.

#27 maybe in the literal sense but the word is used to describe those who do not agree with or hate same-gender relationships

Actually, #27, the definition of 'phobia' is an extreme fear OR hatred of whatever you have the phobia of. So yes, arachnophobia could mean that you really hate spiders, and yes, homophobia is an accurate term for someone who hates gay people.

She is entitled to her opinion though and there are some scientists who have discovered that there is something "wrong" with gay people. Most ppl here will probably down vote me but just speaking out the truth.

I agree, but that isn't a reason to not tolerate them.

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She clearly does not respect you or your soon to be husband and will probably bring a lot of negativity to what is supposed to be the best day of your life. Add booze to that is a recipe for disaster I would politely un invite her but good luck OP and congrats

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I was thinking the same thing. I hope she doesn't get drunk and ruin the wedding/reception. Her not being there would probably be the best option and I can't imagine anyone blaming you if you didn't let her come.