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Today, while I thought my brother was playing with my new phone, he was actually texting a bunch of my friends that I have chlamydia. He deleted his texts so I wouldn't see them, and I spent a half-hour trying to figure out why I kept getting texts of shock and sympathy. We're both in our 20's. FML
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why are u on fml and not plotting ur revenge?

I would send out a mass text that if anyone received anything from you it was a prank your idiot brother was playing.


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What did you do to deserve that? & just tell all your friends what really happened!

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don't go to sleep angry tonight, OP. stay up late and plot your revenge! :D

Take his phone and tell his girlfriend he has Aids.

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You're never too old for a sibling joke.

it would be so ironic if OP ended up actually having chlamydia

28- then she found out just after she told her friends that she didn't

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sexually texted diseases spread fast.

the part that really made me laugh was the last sentence oh man

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@59 how odd, thats the part that made me roll my eyes. like goofing around is something people should stop doing at a certain age.

30 I kno this is irrelevant to the subject but your comments seriously piss me off.

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I agree with 19. I think FML should only let those >18 comment.

what's the big deal? it's not like I'm 6? I'm 15. I can comment if I want, just like you can. so chill out. thanks.

hb no. we have facebooks too. get over it. we have rights to and it's so easy to say you're over 18 years old. okay u dnt like her opinion. oh well who cares. 1 opinion over how many but saying that only adults can have a FML is gonna piss the world off.

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i dont think i remember there being a right to "and it's so easy to say you're over 18 years old". by the way, 1 opinion? clearly not. 10 thumbs up suggests otherwise. congrats on having facebook though, we are all really impressed.

lol thats actually pretty funny. I think it builds a better relationship with siblings faster...

63, it's teens like you that cause people to look down upon those of our generation. Please show yourself to the door.


I would send out a mass text that if anyone received anything from you it was a prank your idiot brother was playing.

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He is still never going to live that down no matter what he does at this point.

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haha get back at him by doing something Worse ^.^

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He's your brother, you can get him back without getting in much trouble.

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Say to your friends 'Who do you think I got it from?'

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toilet seat bro, toilet seat...its been proven in undocumented urban legends everywhere that toilet seats harbour the sti's of anyone who sits on them. dont argue, its science.

"If you are around town and someone says I have chlamydia, they're wrong" I was trying to quote Easy A, but I might of butchered it.