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Today, I was chatting to my brother on Skype. Out of the blue, and just as I read the punchline to a hilarious joke, he said his girlfriend had been cheating on him. I couldn't stifle my side-splitting laughter, and he's been ignoring my calls since. FML
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You can't even take the time to simply have a conversation?

RochelleRedvines 8

You read jokes while video chatting?


You can't even take the time to simply have a conversation?

Exactly why are you even looking at jokes while comforting?

Maybe OP was going to send him the joke and was reading it to see if it was good enough?

MoonPhase123 4

Yeah, I agree that OP should have taken the time to have a conversation with his/her brother but OP did say that he said it out of the blue. Wrong timing on reading jokes I suppose.

youjustmademelol 4

OP didn't know there brother would say that. Don't worry brothers and sisters can not stay out if fights I think it's almost impossible... That sucks though, he has bad timing

I don't think he'll ignore your call till his 90 years old. So don't worry OP, sooner or later he'll talk to you.

#35 You say you hate grammar nazis but you figuratively put a bulls-eye on your back. I'm not trying to start shit but a little education goes a long way in keeping people off your back.

Umm OP said that his brother said his girlfriend cheated on him out of the blue. Meaning OP wasn't comforting him when he was reading the joke. Bad timing though :(

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desireev 17

70- You read it again. It says that they were telling jokes and talking, or what not, and as she was about to tell the punchline of a funny joke, he told her about his cheating girlfriend, out of the blue. Which means that he brought up that conversation while they were talking about something else and joking around. So, no.. You're wrong. You need to read it again. OP did no wrong. She was still laughing from the jokes when he outed his news about his girlfriend.

No, you're wrong. She said she was chatting with him. That doesn't mean they were actually talking at the moment. And she read the punch line not said the punch line. Key words.

They were chatting - as she read the punch line he said gf was cheating - it was just bad timing...that's what happened

desireev 17

83- Normally, when you're 'chatting', you're talking to the person you're 'chatting' with. And since you're wanting to get severely technical about it, never once did I say she 'said' the punchline! I said '...and as she was about to TELL the punchline...' And the word 'tell' could be either saying it or reading it or reciting it. Whichever you choose. So, no.. I'm not wrong. I gave a break-down summary of the FML to someone and you went anal and tried to be Miss Technical. I don't need your assistance. But nice try! Thanks anyway! :)

YDI. It's not hard to keep in laughter.

You deserve it for not pulling yourself together and comforting him.

Like you've never had a situation where you let out a laugh at an appropriate time

I've never taken it far enough that someone would ignore me, no.

Well, it's not as much OPs fault that his brother is ignoring him, unless OP has failed to mention that he was reading the jokes on the side. I mean, even if OP was a complete jerk, that's not something that he would laugh at. Not saying it's the brothers fault either, it's just a case of misunderstanding.

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Why would you want them back together if she cheated on him?

TorturedXeno 27

Broski, 'tis best to not get involved in those things.

Offer to help him hide the body. That will repair your relationship.

RochelleRedvines 8

You read jokes while video chatting?

You say that like it's a sin... It isn't.

RochelleRedvines 8

Yeah, but it is pretty damn stupid.

addiizcherry 0

No, sometimes I will be on DYAC and FML while video chatting and occasionally I'll laugh, but usually my friends think they're being funny and goof off alot more.

RochelleRedvines 8

I just think it'd be pretty distracting from listening to your friend talk. Plus, in that other FML a girl was doing the same thing and she ended up picking her nose on camera...

addiizcherry 0

Lol but I don't pick my nose. Besides- I'm a multi-tasker.

ExtremeEncounter 32

Who says they were using a webcam?

He will get over it. It may be best for him to be angry at you anyway to distract him from his situation.

SmallyBigs 9

Or tell him the joke and maybe it'll cheer him up and show that OP is trying to help.

Maybe you and he have the same sense of humor and you can send him the link

He won't answer any of her calls. What makes you think he'll go to the link.

Don't multi-task while video chatting. That's bound to blow up in your face.

nofearjenshere 12

This was probably the same person that picked their nose while video chatting.

LaColombianita 26

Or the one that was sitting on the toilet and accepted the video chat from her crush xD

ss_20_xx 14

Thank you for being such a helpful sister.

xMiss_Maggot 7

Because anonymous also means female. Duh!

SuperDerp 8

Because if OP was a guy his brother would punch him if they still live in the same houehold.