By ieatoreos - 11/03/2011 11:28

Today, an aunt that I'd had a massive falling out with passed away. My entire extended family refuses to speak to me, because they think I "had something to do with it". I live several hundred miles from her. FML
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....and giving themselves concussions from pinching their fingers in doors.

tiger blood is dripping from my veins :D

I'm sorry , dear :( it's only manufactured for Charlie sheen and Charlie sheen only... :/

if Charlie Sheen started his own show, it would be called,"Two and a half Grams"

haha I'm the Charlie sheen of FML. well since ur all cool ur winning WOW WINNING!!

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I love how all I have to do is say winning and we all go off ******** on Charlie sheen. Are bi polar? I'm bi winning

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Your probably better off this way.

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WHOA. Now that's a harsh accusation. FYL, OP. I'm sorry. :(

couple hundred miles of separation still doesn't rule you out... but sorry for your loss anyways. *_*

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trust me you didn't do anything wrong, all they need a scapegoat to blame you for everything.Maybe they should be blaming themselves instead of you!

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You could always tell the rest of the family, "... and if you're not nice to me, I'll do what I did to Aunt Betsy to YOU!"

coolest Christmas presents for you, OP

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hey sometime people on here take things seriously! you should be a little bit kinder with your big freaking mouth! He's not no aunt killer!

well, firstly, it was a joke. so these "people who take things seriously on here" that you're speaking of, might just be *yourself*. and second, by saying "he's not no aunt killer", you're saying he IS, on fact, and auntie killer. so... way to go, spud!

Then those people are suckers, and SHOULD be taken advantage of. It's called mental Darwinism, and you seem to exhibit a few symptoms. Take a warm enema and you should feel better.

Why would you think you DID NOT have something to do with it???