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Today, while getting it on with my boyfriend, I decided to be spontaneous and do something sexy. I started taking his underwear off with my teeth. My teeth dragged over his shaft, and my braces cut up his foreskin in the process. Now he's not talking to me. FML
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I'm surprised you didn't get pubes caught in your teeth

braces and penis do NOT mix. poor guy.


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Agreed. Either a)you are really young or b)You can't take care of you're damn teeth. My cousin got braces when she was twelve and took care of her teeth well enough to get them taken off at fourteen.

Well, I only had mine on for about two years as well, but it was from age 14 to 16... I got them off just before I turned 17. I couldn't get them any younger for some reason that I've since forgotten, I did have my first check up when I was like 11... Also, it's not as if how well you brush, floss etc. is really going to have any impact on how well the braces can change the position of your teeth, is it?

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19, braces don't get taken off if you've "taken care of your teeth", it's after they've done their job. I'm 16 and ive had them for 3 years, getting them off in a couple of weeks but I only had them because I fell when I was younger so it's not always because people don't take care of their teeth, so stop assuming.

I had mine for 6 months only, I don't think that taking a good care of your teeth has anything to do with this FML though.

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#19. it doesn't matter how well you take care of your teeth. Braces take as long as they take no matter what you do. unless you keep breaking them.

My mom got braces at the age of 55, because she'd been too poor to afford them growing up. Keep an open mind.

LOL #14 ARE YOU SERIOUSLY THAT SHALLOW?! Oh dear god, what has this world come to?!

You have got to be a ******* idiot if you think only young kids get braces ONLY. And Wtf. Braces aren't to fix someone not taking care of their teeth...its for teeth that aren't lined up properly. Go learn wtf you are talking about before making such an IGNORANT and stupid comment. As for the original FML....why the HELL would you take off ANY article of clothing against someones skin when you have METAL WIRE on your teeth. You've got to have at some point and time cut your tongue or lip on why the hell would rubbing them against someones skin be any different? Your boyfriend is right for not talking to you. What a stupid decision on your part, there are TONS of other things you could have done to be sexy or seductive....that didn't involve trying to give him a homemade circumcision.

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#112, nail on head. All of it!

had mine for 1 year when I was 14 I think. I'm 18 now. @ 100, this world is crazy. try having a customer service job

uhh I've had my braces on for five years and I take very good care of my teeth. it's not my fault my teeth were totally jacked up.

I have had my braces on for 5 years too. they had to pull 7 teeth out when I was 9 because my mouth wasn't big enough for all my teeth I guess. but I like having braces. I don't really want them off, hah.

wow @123 you are shallow and also very immature and ignorant from what I can tell. so let me get this straight even if the person who has the braces is say forty...they shouldn't have sex because it's "gross and weird" Uhhh yeah that's ridiculous why don't you think before you speak.

#123 why aren't you wearing your cone bitch?

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Now I understand why my grandpa calls them "pecker wreckers"

Take care if her teeth? if she has braces the how was it her fault, teeth can grow in all sorts if funny directions.

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There once was a man from Bombay. Who fashioned a **** out of clay. But the heat of his prick. Turned the clay into brick. And chafed all his foreskin away.

Tell that to my colleague who's 45+ with braces.. :)

I have braces. And NO they are not sexy. Metal pieces on your teeth that hurt when a wire is tightened and that cut your lips aren't sexy or fun. lol.

The length of time that you have your braces depends on how fast your teeth move, not how well you take care of them.

hey, idiot... it doesn't matter how well you *take care* of your teeth while you have braces on, although you should take care of them well, you'll have your braces on for however long you need them, based on how messed up your teeth are.

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20 people w/ braces disagree w/ this comment

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#80, how vain and self centered are you?

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lol I do believe petey is correct

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I hate you and your stereotypical craap! grow up

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Retarded assuming people are on again. Adults can have braces. People can be uncircumcised.

Newfiegirl needs to put a shirt on, no joke.

146, She's pregnant and showing off her bump. I doubt she means anything sexual from it, she's just going to be a proud mom. If you have a problem with it, don't look at her picture. Problem solved(:

154 is a blonde (: look at her username. but she makes a great point.

I'll say who takes a bikini photo when they r preggers I'm sure that will turn on some weird people

who takes a picture with weird ass colors on their eyes while laying down? I'm sure that'll turn on some horny clowns.

thanks everyone:) and stop speaking crap! newfies AND blondes rock:)

I'm surprised you didn't get pubes caught in your teeth

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ya maybe that is what happened to that one girl that had a pube in her braces...

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haha . that's why you trim . that or shave lol I shave my 10" can u say smoother than a piece of ice .

Varmanis, I'm quite certain your penis is 10 inches long if you start measuring from the back of your ass. Note to guys: the ones that brag about size are the ones who have the least to brag about. And more bad news: WOMEN KNOW THIS.

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^^^ I thought the same thing, and I joked around with my boyfriend about it for saying he was huge... aaand then he proved it. it's possible legit it is possible...

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this made me squirm and I'm a chick.

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don't act like that wasn't your initial intention ;)

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I'm guessing she is. She should of tried using ANY other body part here, shes dumb. Any metal in your mouth other than a tongue ring is so not meant for any sexual purpose!

braces and penis do NOT mix. poor guy.

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where you trying to make sure he was circumcised?