Not now, Kevin

By Noname - 16/01/2009 17:31 - United Kingdom

Today, my boyfriend struck up a conversation about the reproductive systems of seahorses. We were getting intimate at the time. FML
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were you fucking David Attenborough by any chance?

The fact that he can even THINK about male-birth while having sex with you is a sign that he's a keeper.


were you fucking David Attenborough by any chance?

hilarious! :D also... i love seahorses. i might almost enjoy a chat about them mid intercourse

LOL! At least he didn't yell someone else's name... right? Haha.

unless he named the seahorse...

lucidity 0

but...that's awesome! I have those kinds of conversations with my boyfriend all the time.

JeanNe91 0

haha, one time as i was having sex with a guy, we were talking about disney characters. lmao.

j_e_m_8_8 0

#12..while having sex?! you have a big nose?? were you watching the Oprah about the pregnant man?? Is his last name Costeau??

leadninja 0

doesnt that mean he would have to be pregnant?

well ur bf sounds like a functioning retard

randomcharacters 0

Ahaha a talker.. At least the sex will never be boring, it will be a welcome break from all the talking.

apathetic 0

sounds like you're dating a nerd. awesome.