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  raney150  |  0

That's a stupid statement 248. First of all, who are you to determine if they can have sex?
Second, braces doesn't tell you age. I know someone who is 19 and just got braces. In sure there are older people who get braces too.

  RealTalk0  |  7

#180 : More like, "Today, my boyfriend got my pubes stuck in his braces. I had to sit there in excruciating pain as he tried to get free. FML"

By  Dredre15  |  0

Lmao... not funny

By  iluvfmls456  |  0

If you have braces you're too young to be doing that anyway in my opinion

  CrAzYyYyYy  |  0

You can have braces when you're older also it's not just something that you have when you are in middle or high school. My boyfriend is 22 and he got his braces on a year ago.

  Ranimal  |  12

I agree. Unless you even remotely know what you're talking about (which in this case you have no fucking clue), then shut the fuck up. Yes, a good amount of young kids have braces but in no way is there an age set to it.

  bizarre_ftw  |  21

Kid: why are you making me get braces?! I have straight teeth!!!!!

Dad: let me tell you a story... [...] ... and if I had to suffer through that, So Do You! Now come on!

Kid: ? O.o

By  FlashBurn  |  13

Great... I hope no lame 'flossing your teeth' comments show up. Still, in your braces!? Hope ya got em all out before your orthodontist appointment! That'd be interesting to explain... lol.