By Tyler - 19/11/2011 08:05 - United States

Today, I was getting intimate with my girlfriend for the first time. In an attempt to be romantic, I tried taking her panties off with my teeth. I got a mouthful of pubes stuck in my braces. FML
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I bet your braces must have hurt your girlfriend. I feel sorry for her instead of you OP. A large chunk of pubes rip out is no joke.

maddy23a 5

Nice one ace


maddy23a 5

Nice one ace

Way to go champ!

Knock 'em dead kiddo!

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

OP on the bright said she won't have to shave it soon

blackheart24 10

Haha OPs next ortho appointment might be a little interesting. ... Hmmmm it seems you have what appears to be pubes stuck in here....

She should shave, just my opinion. A for effort!

Zambaku 9

Wow, I remember the exact same FML with the braces and everything except it was the girl taking off the guy's You Fail

Um am I the only one thinking this fml should be for the gf? Or do pubes suddenly slide out of one's skin with ease these days..

She doesn't shave that shit?

Well done #34, you've got my chuckling

dsbs 9

Today, my boyfriend tried to take my panties off with his teeth. He ended up with pubes stuck in his braces

180 and what is the point of your comment?

leogirl95 12

Tell her to shave that shit

Hang in there! .. I guess you already have

Get rid of that jungle :$

#shestooyoungforyoubro #youredefinitelytooyoungif you're wearing braces while tryna have sex.

raney150 0

That's a stupid statement 248. First of all, who are you to determine if they can have sex? Second, braces doesn't tell you age. I know someone who is 19 and just got braces. In sure there are older people who get braces too.

I know right!?! Nasty ass hoe. How she want a dude to go down on her and she don't shave? She wants him to get lost in that jungle?

So is 18 too young because I have braces.

Ok ummmm braces.. Sex? How old are you..?!?!

op if ur old enough to fuck ur too old for braces

my stepdad got braces at 32.

No she does it just magically grows back every five seconds. Dumbass.

NinjaCrumbs 0

? wtf r u saying?!?

RealTalk0 7

#180 : More like, "Today, my boyfriend got my pubes stuck in his braces. I had to sit there in excruciating pain as he tried to get free. FML"

rhoeft95 11

F for execution

Dredre15 0

Lmao... not funny

if its not funny why did u say LMAO ?

Agreed, you totally just contradicted yourself.

Ferretface 13

I disagree. He did contradict himself.

briannaahhhh 0

hahaha it's funny though!

"lmao... Not funny" is a contradiction... Good for the starburst commercial!!

Hahaha, how'd explaining that one go?

"Your pubes got stuck in my braces"

EvilCupcake8361 9

ewwww she needs to shave her secret jungle

I find this hilarious especially #75's comment. Well done

He didn't need to since she probably felt it

bizarre_ftw 21

Mourr mubs garr uck nin by wassevs ^that's how

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If you have braces you're too young to be doing that anyway in my opinion

You can have braces when you're older also it's not just something that you have when you are in middle or high school. My boyfriend is 22 and he got his braces on a year ago.

My friends mom still has braces......she's in her thirties

My uncle has braces and he's like 45. In my opinion dont go making smart ass remarks if you don't know what you're talking about.

I agree. Unless you even remotely know what you're talking about (which in this case you have no fucking clue), then shut the fuck up. Yes, a good amount of young kids have braces but in no way is there an age set to it.

my mom still had braces at 19.

A classic case of posting before thinking.

As idiotic as the comment is, they did say "in my opinion". People are entitled to have retarded, ignorant opinions.

irelabdlad44 0

Did it ever occur to you that nobody cares what you think?

robokid777 4

dont be a bitch

Not true my sister got braces when she was 23.

Dumb ass my cousin in law is 30 she just got her braces off

princess151617 4


Welcome to the jungle

But there's no fun nor games

Yaaaaaa u dont deserve to even think about posting a pic pf James.... Pssh... LOOOOOSSSAAAAAAA

^ You just ruined it. Get out.

I bet your braces must have hurt your girlfriend. I feel sorry for her instead of you OP. A large chunk of pubes rip out is no joke.

It's called a Brazilian.

This should be her fml

Shave that shit!!!

Okay I'm going to sound stupid... But what dues OP mean? I never figured it out.

I think it's original post?

I think it means original poster. I suppose opening poster works too when its interweb threads.

Ohhh I see. Thanks guys!(:

If he's still got braces and gets pubes stuck in 'em, he's to young for you.

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It's n00b, you n00b

bizarre_ftw 21

10 - Your picture is currently my favorite on here

Ur more of a noob. Ur 12

10- don't you just love pictures if HP characters with non-related captions?

F her life too, that would freakin hurt. Still, funny story to tell later in life

How I fell in love with mom...

bizarre_ftw 21

How mom learned abstinence is key until you get the go ahead from the orthodontist

bizarre_ftw 21

Kid: AWW!! Come On!!! You probably had sex by the time you were my age!!! Dad: I can honestly say no I did not.

bizarre_ftw 21

Kid: why are you making me get braces?! I have straight teeth!!!!! Dad: let me tell you a story... [...] ... and if I had to suffer through that, So Do You! Now come on! Kid: ? O.o

Maybe you should have stopped the first few times you got down voted.

Great... I hope no lame 'flossing your teeth' comments show up. Still, in your braces!? Hope ya got em all out before your orthodontist appointment! That'd be interesting to explain... lol.