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  picturescrazy  |  24

I totally agree o.o That could have ended a lot worse. And he shouldn't have to shave/trim his pubes if he doesn't want to >.< She just needs to be more careful if she tries to do that again!

  jakeidk  |  0

guys were not made to shave, it SUCKS and we don't care where we are hairy. but I guess they are a little long if your gf is chewing them off...

  SaturnE_fml  |  0

Underwear, which sits pretty close to the skin, practically right on it, is snug. His hair needn't be all that long to have them yanked out when she's essentially tooth shaving his pubis. She also needn't have bit that hard, get one of them wiry, bristly suckers stuck in a snaggly tooth and out it pops. Lucky the hair was there, or we would have heard about the chunk of his pube mound instead.