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  EffinAhole  |  0

I'm sure Op brushes her teeth but maybe just had dinner or something. It's still good he was honest but what dude would care that much mid-sex? Switch to doggie style! Problem solved!

  cantfightfate  |  0

this is not an fml. your husband should feel comfortable saying stuff like that to you. I mean, you are married. don't you want sex to be enjoyable for him as well?


reminds me of when my wife, halle berry and I were having an awesome threesome. except I had eaten ribs that night which gives me terrible gas, anyway I couldn't stop farting the whole time. lesson is don't eat ribs before sex with halle berry.

  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

"Should have brushed your teeth before..." What happens in the middle of heat-of-the-moment sex? Neither party will be thinking, "Oh, I need to go brush my teeth now." It just happens.

  Lonlyboysh  |  0

It does not necessarily mean like that. If someone kills your child, it does not necessarily mean that you could or should their child. But that would be awesome.

By  iliterate  |  0

unless he said it in a horrible way you should be thankful that he thought enough of you, and your relationship, to tell you with fear of you over reacting and taking it as some sort of personal attack. clearly he was wrong...

By  padma_yeshe_dawa  |  0

I agree w/ #1, that sucks (for your husband too), and you really should brush your teeth beforehand. Though I'm curious as to how your husband managed to even start if it was that bad.


I was thinking the same thing.

Now I would tend to think maybe op and her husband just had dinner(something tasty but smelly, like garlic bread or something) but ops wording makes me think that is not the case.

Op- just brush and rise before hand from now on and your husband will be thankful for the refreshing change:)

By  farkie3  |  8

Sometimes it is hard to smell your own breath, but even so, it's unhygenical to not brush your teeth regularly.
And brushing teeth makes them all sparkly and white! :D

By  Judus_beej  |  0

one of my pet peeves too. tell him to wash his unit in the middle of it before you go at him. then make him do it again before he puts it in. that will show him lol