By fuckshitcockwaffle - Australia - Bayswater
Today, while feeding my neighbour's cats, I mistakenly switched up their foods. One has medicated food that causes drowsiness. The healthy cat got knocked out like a log. I panicked, laid him out by the bed, and spilled milk around his head to make it look "natural." I think I'm going to hell. FML
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  Ambient25  |  24

#38 "That's?" Really??

Anyway about OP, I still don't get this. Why FML it instead of just being honest or at least thinking about what he did. It's like he's comfortable with it..

By  ThatsMyPie  |  20

Why not just admit that you made a mistake and give the sick cat the medicated stuff, too? Admittedly, you'll have two sleeping cats, but at least they're both alive and in fine condition.

  SlapAndTickle  |  20

I'm wondering if there was too much sedation and if he killed the cat? My cats don't pass out drinking milk so that seems a bit dumb to me. So I'm sorry you didn't follow my question and instead questioned my intelligence.

  Enslaved  |  36

Maybe there's something lost in the translation because I don't get it either. What does spilt milk on the head have to do with making a sleeping/knock out cat look natural?

  Ryuukazuki  |  7

Not really about not comprehending it. I took it that it meant as in "how the hell does spilling milk make a knocked out, medicated cat look natural?" Because I am confused about that as well. Unless it is that the bowls were in the room and he wanted to make it look as if the cat accidently drank from the wrong bowl and got knocked out. But that is the only way it makes sense to me. It never clarifies so it is easy to not understand that part.

By  spaboolly  |  26

If it was an honest mistake and no permanent harm was done, then just own up to what you did and apologize. Mistakes happen. Covering them up, especially in such a ridiculous way, just makes you look like an immature, irresponsible ass.