By Anonymous - 25/02/2013 08:39 - Canada - Saskatoon

Today, I'm so poor that I've been scrounging around my house all day trying to find quarters and dimes so that I can buy myself a cup of coffee tomorrow. FML
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Time for a change. I bet you'd have more money if you didn't buy coffee everyday.

Perhaps if you didn't buy so many cups of coffee, you could afford your own $10 coffee machine and coffee beans. That way you can make your own coffee for a few pennies a cup, and I guarantee you it's 100x better than that swill they sell at Starbucks.


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Maybe it's time for a job if you don't already have one.

Maybe it's a kid who doesn't have a job yet but loves her coffee.

Misswildsides 22

Kid or not, there are always ways to get some change. Be creative. There are kids still doing the classical lemon aid stand where I live and they make quite a bit of money.

Misswildsides 22

Yeah I tried to correct it, but the time bomb ran out.

You spelled lemonade wrong. Unless you got your lemons from Africa, they probably don't have lemon-AIDS.

44 - I assumed they didn't have much of a job because they just admitted to spending 'all day' searching for at the very least, they only work part time, in which case they could try and get a second job or ask for more hours at the current job.

Yeah, because full time jobs all make you work every single day...? Could've been written on a Sunday and she buys coffee before or at work on days she's working. I can only assume half the commenters being snotty don't have jobs either because apparently they don't know how they actually work. Funnily enough, I came into the comments section thinking the OP was being ridiculous.

Classic lemonaid stand? Kids got fined over $500 bc they didn't have a vending permit. Totalitarian takeover prevents things like that anymore these days.

First, they came for the lemonade stands and I said nothing.

Awe, just got to McDonald's... Free coffee ;)

Lionesse 15

Since when is McDonalds coffee free? Where do you live?! Because where I live, they charge like 3 bucks for a cup of joe.. And not a very good one at that. If I had to spend my last few quarters and dimes on coffee, it definitely would not be at McDonald's.

I live in Calgary, PLUS I work at McDonald's. free small coffee, medium is 21 cents large is 42 for another week. And McDonald's coffee is some of the best coffee out there. We're above Starbucks in sales and closing in on Tim hortans. I've never heard of McDonald's selling coffee for 3 bucks... It's not even 2 bucks regular price. So wherever you live is ******

TheDrifter 23

The free coffee promo has been going for a month here, I prefer Tim Horton's coffee, but, for the price of free, I've had quite a bit of free McCoffee this month.

I don't know why 2 is being downvoted. She lives in Canada, just like TheDrifter and I, where there IS a Free McDonalds coffee promotion. Are you guys jealous, or just *lowers sunglasses* Bitter?

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I like McDonald's coffee more than Starbucks...but homemade coffee in a Bunn is my favorite.

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#31, I live in America, where they would charge for breathing air if they could. I don't know what free is in my part of town. #40 Hell yeah I'm jealous! Well, not so much because it's McDonald's, but that coffee can be that cheap at your fast food.. But right on. I mean, if it's cheap, then buy your coffee there. I'm just saying that the McDonalds near my area, is kinda pricey for preheated food and the coffee is no bueno. Maybe it's just that branch. I dunno.

In some American Starbucks you can say "I'm visiting from Canada" they'll give you a free coffee to get you to switch from Tim Hortons

You guys wouldn't be able to live in Australia, it's almost $6 for a coffee.

or maybe he should nust make coffee at home. it saves alot of money in the long run

In Chicago, McDonalds is offering free coffee on Monday mornings. Personally, I'm more excited about the Shamrock shake being back. I make my own coffee at home.

#70, the average for a regular coffee in Sydney is around $3.50.

Stand on the corner of the highway in torn clothes with a sign on cardboard. I give money to those people all of the time.

Lionesse 15

I have seen really hilarious signs from homeless people who just want to be funny and get some change. Now I give money to them. My favorite sign of all is "My dog was kidnapped by a group of ninjas, need money for martial art lessons" I gave the guy 4 bucks. It was worth it.

Lionesse 15

#37, While those are heartwarming signs, I hope you didn't interpret my comment the wrong way. I merely enjoy someone with a sense of humor. I mean, there are some people who are in poverty that are so bitter whereas there are people, such as the gentlemen that was holding the sign that I loved, who are upbeat. This man was poor, sleeping under a bridge, and currently trying to get a job at McDonalds, but yet, he was cheerful. Funny. Endearing. You see? He had nothing, yet he still found reasons to smile, and make others smile. So I gave him money. While I'll give money to others, because I have seen signs like you have stated above as well, I just expressed my preference for the more humorous ones because, well.. They see past life's hardships.

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Get a job they have coffee there

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37, if you say it on a sign, it must be true! I'm not saying that there are no people in need, but claims like that should still be taken with a grain of salt.

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With a cheap burrito paid for by quarters found on the car floor!

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Time for a change. I bet you'd have more money if you didn't buy coffee everyday.

Really! Do it yourself is always cheaper.

Exactly! If you're so poor you shouldn't be spending your last cent on coffee.

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Spend it on a lotto ticket instead. Hey, you never know - you could be a millionaire overnight and buy all the coffee you've ever wanted.

39- I agree, not to mention how screwed up the priorities in this whole FML thread is. This is hardly an FML. Come back when you're scrounging together pennies to buy your first meal in two days, like the truly impoverished people who deserve to say "**** my life". They have 1001 more reasons to complain than you, yet most of them realize it could be worse, that someone else is probably in a worse place, so they're grateful for every cent, every drop of water and every laugh.

live life on cheap caffeine! mountain dew til ya shake!

Perhaps if you didn't buy so many cups of coffee, you could afford your own $10 coffee machine and coffee beans. That way you can make your own coffee for a few pennies a cup, and I guarantee you it's 100x better than that swill they sell at Starbucks.

Lionesse 15

Unfortunately Doc, that swill they sell at Starbucks is horribly addicting. At least for me it is. Though, I do agree that brewing your own coffee is more economical and definitely better tasting (when you get good coffee beans, that is) .. Oh caffeine. You ruin my life.

TheDrifter 23

If you actually like it, they sell Starbucks coffee beans and grounds at Costco and a lot of grocery stores, still only a few cents a cup to brew.

Try water for a change. Or visit a friend with a coffee machine.

Or she could just make her own coffee. A tin of instant coffee, milk and hot water is cheaper than buying a coffee from Starbucks (or wherever OP buys it from) all the time. It probably tastes better too.