By nightbirdblue - 31/05/2013 18:00 - United States

Today, my mom has gone completely insane and insists we only flush the toilet or wash our hands at the start or end of the day, "to save on bills." My young sister thinks it's the best idea ever. My mom makes our food, and my sister just loves to touch everyone's faces. FML
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I know. I tried to explain, but that got me screamed at. My mom accused me of acting like the parent and cussed me out.

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If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down


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If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down

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Those are the words to live by

we have to have this rule because we're so skint :/ however we do wash our hands; we're not that minging

If you can't get them to wash your hands, next best thing is sanitizing all objects touched frequently

That's very unhygienic. She'll be wasting more /on/ medical bills if she keeps this up.

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I would have hand sanitizer around the house

Germs help build stronger immunities. Eat up and drink to good health. ;)

There's building up an immune system, and then there are completely unhygienic practices such as this. You can't even remotely compare the two as similar.

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until u get ebola or the plague

Ebola? Unless she's in Africa eating raw monkey meat that's not gonna happen.

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Actually, there's been cases of ebola in the US. No monkeys were harmed during this outbreak.

200 monkeys were killed stopping an outbreak in the 80's or 90's.

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Ebola is suspected to be harbored by bats in an area in africa. They have yet to find the natural resevoir. Plus, spread of Ebola is by contact with an actively infected person, so the fever and generally the starting of or active degredation of the body. Or exposure to the natural resevoir by bite, fecal matter etc. Plague can be spread by fact (sorry microbiology major...virus and pathogenic bacteria love here). The OP, risks E.Coli from fecal matter on her moms hands when she prepares food. And a stinky stinky house. Have you ever smelled pee when it sits in the toilet for awhile? ew!

They all risk E.Coli from their food anyway, unless they only buy organic, free run, humanely killed meat from a local farmer, or they're vegetarian. They're probably more likely to get it now, but the possibility was still always there.

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You can still get E.Coli from your organic vegetables and humanel killed meat too. Being all rightous with your food doesn't protect you from bacteria, unless you want to irradiate it before you eat it, sorry, it is going to have bacteria on it.

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Did you hear? Apparently, puppies and happiness cause cancer.

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51 contact cannot transmit it. Only touching bodily fluids!

I hope you and your sister have been immunized.

Mhm, as you've so gracefully demonstrated...

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Well you need to tell her that this is not a good thing to do.

I think the fact that your sister touches everyone's faces is just as strange as the "money saving" idea. Either way FYL

Exactly what I was thinking, having a sister that constantly touches your face is a FML all on its own

She loves to touch people's faces because she knows that people don't want their faces touched or at least that's what she whispered to me once.

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i first read it as "my sister likes to touch everyones feces" so her touching faces doesn't sound as bad now.