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Today, I have to go on a diet, because I can't afford to buy bigger clothes. FML
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If you end up losing weight, are you gonna make yourself fat because you can't afford clothes too?:p

Hit two birds with one stone, buy less food and buy yourself some clothes.


xbrit551 13

If you end up losing weight, are you gonna make yourself fat because you can't afford clothes too?:p

That's not the issue. The issue is that it's a crime to charge so much for clothes that are like 2 sizes bigger. Why should you have to pay more for clothes just because you're 2 sizes bigger than another girl???

Lol really? Maybe cause fat girls need more material to make a shirt that fits...thus raising the price?

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xbrit551 13

17, I don't think thats what OP meant. I think she just can't afford to buy new clothes, not that the stores are charging extra for bigger clothes.

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xbrit551 13

I would be like damn. Then go running.

#17 is probably fat and had to spend her money on new clothes...that cost more

Hey, let's not call anyone fat here. That being said, I know for guys, for them to charge more for clothes, you have to be like an XXXL which is just really fat. I mean at that point, you almost deserve it. Think of it this way, it takes twice as much fabric to make an XXXL shirt than it takes to make a small, maybe more. But they only charge you $10 for it! What a bargain!

#17, think about it, they are helping your health too ^^ That way, you can be more healthy & have more money! Win Win. Although, TBH, I have never come across a store that chargers extra for different sizes :L

lakerslover1234 0

I'm not a fat lazy ass so I don't seem to have this problem

51- your profile says you're 19, you can probably chalk up most of your skinniness to metabolism.

#28 good answer. And I have never been in a store that charges extra for cloths sizes, does such a thing exist?

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17 get over it you're not being punished. No one cares what fat people where anyway. no one is looking

lakerslover1234 0

52 I don't see your point...I'm still not a fat lazy ass and I'm still not fat. It also couldn't be the fact I run 70 miles a week...that goes back to the part when I said I wasn't lazy

74 go to a restaurant and order a large anything but try to get them to only charge you for the small. I'm using food in your lesson because I think you'll pay attention. More food - more money. More fat - more fabric - more money. Are you seeing a pattern?

MerrikBarbarian 9

In Canada our sizes are the same as Aus and 16 is considered 1x or xxl here, so that is more then just a little extra weight. Anything over a 14 is more here too because of material costs. Any idea how pricey fabric is? If you really think they are unfair buy your own material and sew your own. I can promise you you will have nicer clothes- but it costs more then just buying them- even at the extra cost of plus sizes. Or just bite the bullet and lose some weight. If I can do it with medical problems which make it easy to gain and hard to lose weight, you have no excuse.

I'm plus sized, too, and while I realize that more material costs more money, some places are just downright ridiculous with their pricing. Unless you're just a damn whale (3x +), a basic long-sleeved t-shirt should never cost more than 25 dollars, at the MOST. But yet plus size retailers will charge you 35-40 for something like that. I can understand being within 5 bucks of the regular-size pricing, but after that it's pushing it. I might be fat, and I might need to lose weight, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't be allowed to buy decent clothes at decent prices. I'm a consumer just like the rest of you.

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Thankyou 136. I think thats been pointed out plenty of times. I'm over this.

25- supply and demand, if more people are of ___ size, the companies will charge more to make them. It isn't a crime to care more, they aren't forcing you to buy it. If you aren't satisfied with the price of a steak at a restaurant, would you buy it

Look 17, if your so pissy about this whole thing, do something about it. If you don't like it, change it. But don't bitch to us about it.

133, I know US and Aussie sizes run differently, but even still - an 18 is only ONE size bigger than you. I'm an 18, and I don't feel like I'm that "big" at all. Definitely not small by any means, but I'm not a tub of lard. You might not be that big, but you're still plus sized. And that means we're bigger than the regular sized people, lol. There's nothing wrong with admitting to that, and if you have a problem admitting to that, then... yes, I kind of agree with everyone else. Lose weight if you don't like it. I got a big ol' ass and I'm not ashamed to admit it. ;)

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I never said you were fat; I really wasn't trying to insult you or anything. Over here, a 16 -is- considered plus sized, and most of the big-name plus size retailers start at a 12/14. Department store plus sizes start at a 14/16. And to me, plus size doesn't automatically mean fat, it just means you're not small. Not being small =/= fat. However, girls who are an 18 or 20 are within 2 sizes of yourself; they aren't -that- much bigger than you, so you shouldn't act like they are. Think about how you felt when the people here reacted to your size negatively, and then thing about how I must feel when you have the same reaction towards my size, which is just one size up from your own. Granted, you didn't know until I told you so I know it wasn't directed towards me, but it still makes you sound a bit on the hypocritical side.

I have a XXXXXXL ( yes, 6XL ) sweatshirt and it cost me 280$... It's for freeskiing, and from XXXL down they were 240$.

Um because bigger clothes are made from more fabric, which costs more money than clothes a thin person would wear. Really?

I'm sorry 144, I didn't mean to upset you. I just have quite strong opinions when it comes to clothing shops ripping us off and I let that cloud my reason. I have nothing against people being whatever size they are. I just don't like how we get charged more for clothes that a company will now only make more profits off.

GovernorGeneral 8

OPs killing 2 birds with 1 stone. :3 Idc if someones already said it before cause i didnt read the commments. Too long -.-" So thumb me down if you want but remember, youre a **** for doing so :)

Cause people like to put labels on others. So apparently my label has to be fat. Even though that isn't true.

The difference in fabric is pennies if that... The real difference is that the extremely large clothes dont sell as quickly... That means there are less machines producing them and they often have to be special ordered. They occupy shelf space longer as well so in order to make a profit even remotely even with human clothing they must charge a higher ammount. It all works out because if u need special ordered clothes u should spend less on food not clothes.

Listen Natty, don't be a butt hurt dweller about the subject. Love who you are, and don't keep going on about you being fat or not being fat, because it's the internet, and everyone likes to troll a little bit. They enjoy getting a rise out of you because you keep replying to them!

Guess what, that's how the world works. I'm 6'4" 230 lbs. Not only am I very athletic so I consume 5000 calories a day but I have broad shoulders and a narrow waist. So I have to not only buy a lot of food, I have to spend extra on properly fitting clothes. Everything is fitted for fat people now

MerrikBarbarian 9

Look according to my bmi of 26- I am overweight, so I'm not judging. However if I am overweight and wearing a medium (8-10 depending on maker), then at an xl or xxl there is no way you are not. Personally I don't give a flying **** about looks or body type. I'm an artist and have seen it all, clothed and nude. You can believe whatever you like, but without even seeing you, based on the info provided I can say you are overweight. Choose to act or not act based on that, but by strict empirical data, you are overweight. Now either suck it up and pay the extra it costs the company, make your own, or lose some weight.

That BMI thing is so stupid. Of course, for me, it's accurate, but I know I'm definitely overweight,. However, a lot of people are categorized as "overweight" on the BMI charts but they aren't fat at all. For instance, my friend is 5'8 and weighs about 180lbs, which according to BMI charts is overweight. However, she is not in the least bit fat; she wears a size 10-12 and she's very physically fit and has a lot of muscle. And Natty, I forgive you cause I know you weren't intending to insult me, either. And I really agree with you with a whole heart. Honestly, I think they should charge more based on how big the clothes actually are because so many different stores carry their sizes so different. Old Navy goes up to a 20, and all their clothes are the same price. Some stores carry up to a 2x and charge a couple dollars more for the XL/2x, which is totally understandable. For other stores that have a straight and plus section, the plus section is often WAY more expensive than the straight size, no matter what the size of the clothing is. And often times, the straight sizes end at an XL, which in most stores, is a 14/16. That same shirt can be found in the plus section in a 1x (14/16), and sometimes, for some reason that plus sized shirt that is roughly the same size as the "regular" sized shirt costs 10 dollars more. What's the difference in a regular size 14/16 and a plus size 14/16, and why should I have to pay more for a shirt that's the same size, just in a different section? For me, I'm not so much complaining about the higher prices, more-so the inconsistency in size pricing. They make this shit so confusing.

MerrikBarbarian 9

Ok that I will agree is a bit dumb if it's the same size shirt at the same company and different prices depending on if it's in the regular or plus section. As a general rule though, larger clothes cost more to produce and sell less so they bet the company less profit and they raise the price to reflect that. I mean look at it this way- they don't charge less for an x-sm even though it uses way less fabric then a large, so just think how much x-sm wearers are paying to carry large and medium wearers. BMI can be wrong, but only in the case of highly athletic people. For most of us it's a pretty accurate tool. At 26 I'm just barely overweight... Which is reflected pretty well in my body. I'm 5'0 and 130lbs, but I have a good bit of muscle too.

seriously just go eat a hoagie or something and stop feeling all self righteous. OP probably isnt even that big. probably just put on some weight and doesnt have money for new clothes.

To be honest, exercise isn't the hardest thing to do. Even if it's just walking a few every day ( not saying you have to walk ten miles every day ). As well, the companies that MAKE clothes don't make a huge profit, but they do make a profit. Supply and demand also plays into it.

so you aren't fat, but someone one size bigger than you (you listed a size 18) is fat? For every inch of fabric they use to cover you it cost them more money, they should make less in profits because you're fat? Tall/short/oddly proportioned people pay extra for their clothes, its a price of wanting to look nice. Tough shit. Im slim to average size (US size 6/8) but I'm tall with a short torso and long legs and pay more for tall pants that aren't too large in the waist and i pay extra for tailoring. Im also really top heavy (36dd) in relation to my size so ill buy a size up in tight dresses and button up shirts get them tailored down or take them in myself. Tons of places sell clothes for larger women and don't raise the prices if you go into their plus size section (F21- XL-3X) topshop, torrid, and simply be). The world wont ever change because you weigh too much or are an odd shape/proportion.

If the clothing stores started charging size 0-6 people less money because it took less fabric to make the dress, the size 8 ppl would be unhappy. I would be grateful that they have the design and cut I want in my size and I get a dressing room & mirror to try it on to check that it fits flatteringly. I would buy just a few pieces and make them work for me as all things add up and I cannot blame the retailers aren't going to do anything that doesn't make economic sense in catering for the outliers.

Tbh, a guy using 3XL isn't necessarily fat. My dad is 3XL and he is just a big guy. One is really fat if one's clothes has to be purchased in a special store or someone has to sew them especially for you.

I always thought it was interesting that my small shirts were the same price as the extra large... 1/2 the fabric.... I've never seen the same shirt cost more just cause the size doubled...

ant2590 6

That's just sad. Try the good will

xbrit551 13

You're encouraging OP being fat.

bamagrl410 31

Well that's not necessarily the point. Whether a person is fat or not, clothes tend to be expensive. Thrift shops can be a solution.

Michael_92 20

What if they don't have her size? O.o

I would bet they have her size, if I was a tub of lard and I don't know exercised every now and then an lost some weight I would donate my clothes

Hit two birds with one stone, buy less food and buy yourself some clothes.

I was literally just about to make this comment...

perdix 29

With the money you save by eating less, buy the fat clothes right away. You'll eventually grow into them.

CalCommando 6

That's what I did with my brothel. I sold it to a guy and with the money I saves I bought a wife. Same thing, right? >.>

astralvagan 20

Well, you should really go on a diet to be healthier but hey, of that's your motivation, good luck. :)

Sweetcupcakes123 6

Maybe she isn't overweight and that's why it's such an fml. We can't assume she's fat:)

Not once in my comment did I even insinuate she was overweight. People can be skinny and still be unhealthy.

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Groucho_fml 5

OPs probably not running if they have this problem

fearthesteer 2

Who marked this guy down? He's right. She does need to get healthier

She's probably just gone from a 10 to a 12 which are both good healthy sizes but she needs to go back rather than buy an entire new outfit.

You should probably diet even if you could afford new clothes.

You. Ow have motivation to help your health. That's a lot more then most people can say. Good luck with the losing of the weight.

whatever works. good luck OP, we all know how ******* delicious fast food and beer are >.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

That's how they get you. Fast/junk food is basically concentrated food flavored manure. Our taste buds respond immediately to fat and sugar, which was helpful for finding high caloric food when it was scarce. Fast/junk food manufacturers are using this to their advantage, saturating those two qualities in their barely edible substances and thus making them addictive. Also, let's not forget "natural" and artificial flavors, which further contribute to the release of pleasure chemicals in the brain, making us crave them even more. These manufacturers have done to food what extensive plastic surgery has done to people. I guess you can say that junk food is the Jocelyn Wildenstein of foodstuffs.

no wonder i eat taco bell 5 days a week. makes sense. i'll just take some shrooms and acid. hardly any calories and hours of fun ;)

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Psychedelics - less addictive than junk food. 'Nuff said!