By queenbitch - 20/04/2015 01:39 - United States - Dearborn

Today, I pulled up to a red light. My ex was in the next car, and my car's windows are so tinted that you can't see through them, so I flipped him off. I was driving my mom's car. FML
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amileah13 26

Okay.... What's the point of flipping them off if they can't see you? Just saying

Dont worry he just saw a bird


Dont worry he just saw a bird

How is this an FML? Giving someone the finger isn't really a big deal.

Letting your ex live in your head like that.. Not a good look. Whatever happened to just letting go? YDI

Let it goooooo! Let it gooooooooo!!! I'm one with the wind and... I'm sorry. Thumb me down.

#15 Or, you know, you could just do neither.

amileah13 26

Okay.... What's the point of flipping them off if they can't see you? Just saying

nonsensical 26

well it's a way to insult them without them knowing you're insulting them. so you appear classy yet you can release your anger, i suppose...

Outwardly it doesn't do anything, but deep down inside it probably felt pretty damn good.

You can stick your hand out the window

CaroAurelia 12

Well, I flip off my old high school when I drive by it (not just people; the entire high school), whether anyone can see it or not. It's the principle of the thing.

I think the point is, it wasn't OP's car so the windows weren't actually tinted and they forgot.

soulcrusher11 16

yea the point is for them to see

I'm assuming she thought she was in her own tinted car, but was in her mom's car which probably isn't tinted.

drunk_crow 12

#35 What?

dukez81 17

She said her car is tinted and can't see thru her window but she was driving her moms car not hers.

Some people are cowards, and doing doing stuff like this makes them feel better about themselves.

Donuts202 13

Sometimes it just feels good.

It was the OP's moms car. Not their car. Their moms car didn't have tinted windows.

She was trying to flip him off without him seeing but she was driving her mom's car so he did end up seeing.

Sounds pretty silly to me, to only dare flipping someone off if they can't see you.

Badassery at it's finest! Keyboard warriors don't even hold a candle to the person who flips people off through a tinted window.

MedChew 19

Anonymity brings out everyone's inner bitch. And then you realize everyone actually saw you clear as daylight. YDI for being this bitter though.

It took reading through comments until I got to this one to understand this FML... It really makes no sense at all. Not sure how it got through. (Or maybe I'm just slow lol)

CaroAurelia 12

Well, if he was a really horrible ex, maybe she's right to be bitter.

Don't you just love being anonymous

OP was not anonymous. The ex would still recognize OP -- which the ex did, because OP was using mom's untinted windows.

Don't worry. You've fucked him before.

I'd have still done it without the tinted windows. But still YDI for trying to do it secretly, what is even the point?

This seems really childish to me. Why is this even an FML? What's the point?