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Today, I was riding my bike on the side of the road because there was no sidewalk. Then a car with a loud horn honked at me. Pissed off, I turned around and screamed "shut the fuck up!" It was my girlfriend's parents saying hi. FML
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my friend did an FML similar to this and it was actually funnier....whatever to you for getting yours published and she didnt. FML doesnt care about black people

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You could have just pulled it off as a joke!!!!!!

what 90% of drivers dont realize: bikes are vehicles too and have just as much right to be on the street as you do. and it is also illegal to ride bikes on sidewalks, as it endangers pedestrians.


I hate people that bike on the road and hold everyone up

awww number 2 your rabbit is SO cute!! *^_^*

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That's an actor, that dude from twilight.

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jhon is one of those typical girls that adore twillight.

@103 That picture is from the internet. You can tell by looking at the small website text on the bottom.

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People honking to say hi really do bug me, but yeah, quelch your rage, some people are morons and yelling won't really help.

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People never figure out that yelling at or from a passing vehicle makes it impossible to decipher what you're saying. YDI for failing physics.

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People honking to say hi scare the shit out of me. Lol, I looked to the right of the page and there was an Ad about horns from JcWhitney.

I hate whenever people honk, I never do, I probably should but I just dont use it. Whenever I'm running and some one honks it always scares the shit out of me and then I either mouth something mean or say "awww you got me good one friend!" and clap for them. I would've done the same thing OP, stay strong brother, her parents should have known better.

I hate that too. Also, the Doppler effect only affects the frequency of the sound. Hate to break it to you, but it seems more likely that you failed physics.

Aren't you meant to cycle on the road? Or is that just in england? Lol

You can, but if it's a busy, fast-paced road it is often better to ride on the sidewalk to avoid being hit by cars or impeding traffic, especially if you do not ride quickly.

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Bicycles are vehicles and they belong on the road at all times. Cyclists on sidewalks are dangerous to the pedestrians they are built for.

Here in Holland as well. Its a bit weird if you ride your bicycle on the sidewalk.

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You can get fined for bicycling on the sidewalk in the United States - you are considered a danger to the pedestrians on the sidewalk. Not to mention you are advised to never cross roads while riding on the sidewalk - being on the sidewalk is the only way you can get in the same type of accident that killed bicyclist Keith Vick Some cities even have signs telling you to walk your bike if you are using the sidewalk. This isn't enforced as much in small towns where there unlikely to be many, if any, pedestrians using the sidewalk, but in larger cities, a police officer who sees you biking on the sidewalk will typically stop you

Exactally my thoughts on the matter, and busy road or not cars should give you room or be patient, that's what I was told in my driving lessons anyway

lmao, just because they SHOULD give you room doesn't mean they will. Cars on the road will only get pissed at you if you ride on the road. And really, a "danger to pedestrians"? What the **** is that shit? The worst that could happen is a bike running into another person, and what happens? At worst a big cut or something, maybe a twisted ankle. If you're on the street, a car could easily run over and kill you. And they want you guys to ride on the street!? I'm glad I live in Nebraska, goddamn

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Well just because a car SHOULD stop at stop signs and not tailgate or cut people off doesn't mean they will either, but if they don't they could kill someone. Outside of Nebraska they frown upon that. Most cities in the US have bike lanes, but in suburbs you could go either way. I don't think thereare as many pedestrians here.

exactly. OP: What the hell! Bikers like you are a danger to both drivers and pedestrians. The ones in Toronto are especially dangerous.

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wow, I am from Nebraska also ) Yeah, it would scare the crap out of me if I was riding a bike and than suddenly was honked at! People who do that are so inconsiderate.

You're supposed to ride your bike on the road; they teach you that in driver's ed; however, people are much too impatient and believe that just because they're in a car, they're entitled to be the only ones on the road. I don't know how it is in Nebraska, but here in Florida, bikes belong on the road. Some regions of Miami also have a bike path on the road to keep them safe from drivers. I've had so many people argue with me saying that bikes belong on sidewalks and I actually looked it up online and in my driver's ed course and found proof that they're supposed to be on roads.

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I hate people who overuse the horn.

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He just had a bit to much rage

you need to watch your mouth, honestly.

Agreed. I'm not going to say you should never, ever use profanity, but it really doesn't need to be that strong. "I was riding my bike in the street and someone honked at me, boohoo!" People are going to honk at you. Learn to expect it and ignore it. Even if it weren't someone saying "Hi," getting mad and yelling at them isn't going to do anything - except maybe put you in a more dangerous situation, since you said you had to turn, meaning you had to take your eyes off the road and possibly turned your bike further into the road.

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you have to ride on the road it's against the law to ride on the sidewalk!

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