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Weaponize your voice against your enemies.

I think the baby is suggesting singing classes


Weaponize your voice against your enemies.

"Muad'Dib" "Father!.... father, the sleeper has awakened!"

Not his favorite anymore

Just wait until he starts talking.. I was singing to my 2 year old the other day and she straight up said "No, stop it!"

actually I bet it was the milk thay wasn't his favorite anymore. Judging by the timing (7 months) her period might be back and that changes the taste. It is really common to have feeding issues like pulling off at that age. Mine did it at 4 months and 5 months, it passes but really sucks for momma.

I think the baby is suggesting singing classes

It's okay. Babies are so stupid they can't even do math.

They figure out complex equations that scientists today can't figure out. They can't talk though so we will never know what those equations are.

Why so many down votes? People here need to learn to take a joke.

#20 We got that it was a joke, it just wasn't funny.

Well I thought is was funny though I admit my humour ain't for everyone ;P

Sad, but too funny!

"Do you want to drink some breast milk? It doesn't have to be breast milk."

Mom really needs to learn to let it go...

Baby's are very rude

And lazy too, all they do is sleep

Yeah. No manners.

And they mooch off of you for food....little bastards.....

He is probably entering the phase where he is easily distracted from nursing. He will most likely need quiet feeding time for a while.

I guess hes not a fan of live music with dinner

In the words of Shemp Howard, to help your voice you should gargle with old razor blades. Actually your voice is probably fine, it was probably a change the baby did not want.