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  Patriots21  |  14

I get it, you're trying to be funny, but just a little reminder to you (and all the other people saying he should have wrapped it): condoms do not guarantee that the user will not acquire an STD.

  DocBastard  |  38

I'm sick and fucking tired of 1) the drooling idiots who say "condoms don't always work" on every single FML where they are mentioned and 2) the fact that those comments are always voted way up.

Listen very carefully, morons: NOTHING works 100%. Is that a reason not to use them? Of fucking course not. But they do work exceedingly well when used properly.

Seatbelts also don't work 100% of the time, but do you say "Fuck it, they don't always work, so I'm not going to wear one, and on the off chance I hit a tree, I can go flying through the windscreen and hit the ground at 120kph rather than being protected by airbags and roll cages"? If you do, then you're just as much an idiot as those who don't use condoms because they aren't perfect either.

Rant over. You may now thumb me the hell down.

  Patriots21  |  14

We're not saying that because they don't work, we don't need to wear them. We support wearing them, just mentioning that it isn't a guarantee that you won't contract an STD.


70- That clearly isn't what they're suggesting. They're saying that, because condoms aren't always effective, we shouldn't be so quick to assume that OP wasn't using one. If you couldn't figure that out, then you probably shouldn't be calling other people "drooling idiots".

By  russfml  |  31

Haha well played but YDI., if I was your old man I'd take it a step further and YouTube to the Greek got the clap song and blare it.
You're lucky it's a curable std