By Anonymous - 23/01/2015 06:33 - Canada - Sherwood Park

Today, my boyfriend uploaded a pic to snapchat that said "the love of my life." It was a pic of our beautiful baby girl. Then he uploaded another pic that said "the 2nd love of my life." It was a pic of the fuel truck he drives for work. FML
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Nickb55 16

I think it was a joke and you guys are taking it too seriously. There isn't a "serious talk" needed.


I think it's time for you to have a serious talk with your boyfriend

#6 because it's obviously upset her. It may be a joke and that's fine (personally I love it) but if it's seriously upsetting her and he keeps doing it without talking it out with her, it's going to cause problems in their future

If it's seriously upsetting her then she needs to get a sense of humor.

Nickb55 16

I think it was a joke and you guys are taking it too seriously. There isn't a "serious talk" needed.

Llama_Face89 33

Hey that's no joke. Car love is serious business. Every woman I've ever been with has been made aware that my baby is the most important woman in my life.

Your "women" (the car) could be a guy. Who knows?

i think it was a jole too, but if it's really upset her then she does need to bring it up and be honest with him. Otherwise he may keep "taking the joke to far" and it will cause problems in the future

FieldLeftBlank 20

Waiting for the "break up with him" comments.

They make me think of bad TV ads. "Your guy makes a joke about your relationship? HE'S WORTHLESS" "Your guy thinks you're faking going into labour? LEAVE HIS SORRY ASS" "Your guy has a female friend? BREAK UP WITH HIM!"

except the female friend one because she was crazy but I get your point

Actually that last one wasn't an FML reference. I just tossed it in there, I guess I missed the one you're thinking of.

Never come between a man and his truck. It's almost as serious as a relationship between a man and his nachos. The only difference is that nachos are gone by sundown.

Women belong in the kitchen. See, I can say sexist things too.

I'm a woman and my automobile is definitely the love of my life. No need for sexism!

I know a few girls who would take their car/truck over a guy any day.

Without a doubt, the funniest and well thought out comment I've read here!

born_hustla 26

Looks like mana's got serious competition !

upload these in this order: your baby girl as the first thing in your world; your ***** as the second thing in your world.

MrFluff 9

Remember, this is on SnapChat. Where all your friends will see what's on your story.

Unless you send it just to him. He wouldn't know any different.

#22 your point? I took a video on snapchat of my cat playing with my *****

We the people demand visual proof. Otherwise this might be a ruse.

There's a reason that you were able to view the snapchat photo: because he was making the joke with the knowledge that you'd see it. He's clearly making fun, don't take it to heart x

born_hustla 26

True! They should just keep the fun going..make it last, create not laughing moments! Happy family!

My boyfriend is not allowed to have a cell phone. I got two cups and 12 ft of string. You don't need to go any further than that.