Baby fever

By SkeetinKeaton - 06/05/2013 06:29 - United States

Today, I woke up to the sound of my newborn screaming. I frantically hopped out of bed and stumbled into the nursery where I was met by the priceless sight of my five-year-old daughter attempting to breastfeed her understandably frustrated little brother. FML
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That screaming was actually your daughter after your baby latched on. I hear that hurts.

You know the saying kids grow fast?


You know the saying kids grow fast?

Not really an FML. I think it's somehow sweet: A little girl taking care of her baby brother.

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Boobs don't. Not when you're five years old.

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babies trying to have babies, better have MTV on speedial

That screaming was actually your daughter after your baby latched on. I hear that hurts.

ApollosMyth 22

I bet. It's like a hardcore nipple twist.. Sounds painful.

It does hurt, actually. Not enough to make you scream though.

kids grow up so fast now and days

At least you know she'll take care of her brother!

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Actually it's perfectly fine for a newborn to have their own room.

Okay, maybe it's because I haven't slept for a day and not eaten for two, but that comment was extremely difficult to follow.

Ah, spoken like someone who doesn't have children. My kids have always sleep in their own rooms after they were about 2 weeks old. They have to learn how to feel safe and secure away from their parents, and kids who sleep in their parents' room (or worse, in their beds) tend to be much more insecure. Nothing this little girl did is creepy or out of the ordinary in any way. In fact, it's really rather adorable. I would have gotten my camera and taken pictures and video. That stuff is priceless.

These photos will come in handy twenty years later at every family gathering. Trust me; I have first hand experience.

This was really adorable. I changed my cousins diapers when I was five ( yes my family took pictures they thought it was super cute!) I noticed she was stinky when I was laying in my moms bed playing with her (my aunt was in the room) so I starting getting a diaper and baby powder. My aunt didn't say anything because she wanted to see what I was doing, once she saw that I was changing my cousins diaper properly she grabbed a camera and my mom and took pictures lol.

Yes indeed. *slept Speaking of sleeping...

Eh, maybe I went a bit overboard but I work with children so I'm on constant risk assessment. Anyways, I'm not suggesting that they stay with their parents till they can't sleep away from them, I'd just prefer to be close in the first months at least. I also see a lot of parents stressing about baby rooms and spending a lot of money when they don't need to which can be upsetting. Also, I personally find it a little weird when little kids do grown up stuff but that doesn't make it bad - I did say it was cute as well.

Disregard this comment, I ****** up...

Doodlecloud - Pretending to breast feed a baby is the most normal thing in the world for a little girl, and even more so for a big sister. Girls do it with dolls all the time.

#41 Oh! You should know by now that The Doc is like the Chuck Norris of FML. He can do as he wants. It was not a mistake. (Ah, and if it was a mistake, it was not the only one.)

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That's adorable. Poor baby bro haha. At least his sis loves him :P

I was thinking the same thing. Might be a bit scary at first, but after a second it's adorable

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"Wincest is best, put your sister to the test! Its a game the whole family can play!"

Well at least you know that she'll be willing to go to the extremes for her baby brother.

Well at least that shows that she is caring for a brother :) #6 That shows how much you know about babies. If you want any sleep at all, the best is to have a room for the baby. And it's not creepy, her daughter clearly was imitating her mother breastfeeding, the same as when little girls rob their mummy's make up and high heels.

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that is actually really sweet. she is rrying her best to help out and if she has only seen him being breastfed then why wouldnt she try it. be careful how you handle this one op you dont want your daughter to get the impressoon that it is wrong to breastfeed. it needs one of those not until you are older and have a baby of your own explanations. maybe expressing milk so she can bottlefeed her brother will help. she may feel a little left out.

That's so adorable. She's probably used to seeing you do that whenever the baby is crying and so she was trying to imitate you. If I were you then I would sit her down and explain that when she hears the baby crying she should rather just come and call you.

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OP is the dad, not the mom.