Make it stop

By dee - 03/07/2011 05:36 - United States

Today, I sang a sweet lullaby to my two year-old son. In the process, he smacked me in the face and told me to please stop. My sister sings to him all the time and he loves it. FML
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Who let Rebecca Black get FML?


baby:1 op:0 baby wins


textwork 4

play him music instead...

someone has an ugly voice! :D

dippin 0

must be a terrible singer

At least he said please.

yougotapes 7

that's awesome... at least he is honest lol

A voice that makes babies smack you...Some voice.

Smack him back and say, "Don't you ever hit me again, boi."

yea.. don't sing, for the good of the people

you must sound like Justin Beiber

Children are so brutally honest. I love it

DrugsAreBadMmkay 0

He'll get a good laugh out of that one day..

sarahxD1234 5

put on Friday by Rebecca black and a see what happens.

if you put that on the baby would most likely die due to it's eardrums exploding violently, as well as anyone else that can hear that deadly frequency

KingGeorgeGal 12

Some kids like feminine voices over male.

TempestRain 0

I thought OP was female?...

play him some Parkway Drive :D that will put some lead in his pencil :)


baby:1 op:0 baby wins

nicobington 1

sounds like a soccer game

EffinToofer 3

Flawless victory!

Lauren10102 3

I find it funny how he baby slaps her, then goes on to say "please"

haha u suck at singing :D

well you'll have no problem picking a godmother

And coming from a troll at that? Damn. That kid just owned hardcore.

Well obviously OP is mad because they got bitch slapped by the kid.

3 memes in a row? lol

^c-c-combo breaker :/

KiddNYC1O 20

There's absolutely something to be mad or frustrated about; the situation at hand.

cre8or99 0



126- Damn, just how big is it? You know.... your...ummmmm... Pen? *troll face*

pharmbrooke35 0

that sucks. oh well just hum I guess!

Snookicutie 0

That sucks. The kids I babysit LOVE it when I sing. I'll sing for hours.

that's SOO cool! we all care so deeply

I so jelly, I turned into jam.

shybear15 0

same with me

omg I guess you need singing lessons

Parenting at its finest....

Who let Rebecca Black get FML?

Teenage pregnancy? I knew Rebecca Black was a bad egg.

Justin Bieber was probably like, "Suck my juicy balls, Rebecca," and made this FML just to spite her. What he doesn't know is that Rebecca Black was watching him from a nearby window as she poured herself some cereal, plotting her revenge. Now when her next single, "Saturday," comes out, she'll say that she has a daily routine of going to the public toilet and, after deciding which seat to take, wiping her ass with his posters.

zachattack112492 4

#30. waaayyyyyyy to much effort went into tht


I GOT IT!!!! Maybe justin Beiber is her sister!!!

1215116a 14

No 64, his efforts are pretty good, so I applaud you #30, a 7 out of 10. *claps*

shybear15 0

lol #30 you're awesome

Ikr 64. It took like a whole minute and a half to write it. I was pooped.

lol #30 how long it take u yo make that it is amasibg

choose8 0

Never know it might be Justin Beiber.

gangssaboo 0

82- what the hell does that say

sarahxD1234 5

I guess she decided to take the back seat ;)

JoeyPterodactyl 0

Obviously, as a woman, you're going to take it as a personal affront, rather than thinking he wouldn't like your voice no matter who it came out of.

I think a man would also feel insulted if his child hit him in the face...

Snookicutie 0

I don't think that Rebbecca Black had a kid...